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Look What I Got !!!!!

Posted by Susan on June 27, 2009

Well, I was supposed to get this as a reward for maintaining my goal weight on August 1st- I joined “Prior Fat Girl” Jen’s challenge ………. I guess I need to think of another reward because look what my wonderful husband insisted on buying me today !!!!!!! A SHINEY NEW BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so excited !!!!!!! I have wanted one for a while. Matt already has one and we have been wanting to do The New England Rail Trails since we met ! Now we can ! We are going on our first trail ride tomorrow morning! I can’t wait!
I am so excited to have another active thing to do with my weekends, as well as something Matt and I can do together. You would never catch Matt in a gym……he hates even the idea of working out! I was so happy when he showed an interest in hiking because at least he would be getting some exercise in. Now I am over the moon about getting the bike so that we can add another activity in for him!(and me !)
The plan for tomorrow is to get up early, and go to breakfast, then a 6 mile ride at a Rail Trail in Southbury Ct., and from there to a luncheon at my brother’s family’s new house. It should be a fun day. It will also be a “unknown” eating day, but that is ok ! I am fine with it and will not stress it ! (that’s the new me talking) I am just going to live my life !!!!!!!!!
**** Afterthought : After dinner tonight we decided to take the bikes and my niece and her little friend to the elementry school down the road so I could try out my new bike. We rode around for about an hour and a half. Right now my legs feel like jelly! With all the spinning I do I wasn’t expecting to feel it as much as I do !!!! How did I do it when I was a kid???? I would ride, literally all day long around the neighborhood ! I never felt a thing ! I really feel my age tonight ! But it was still fun ! I haven’t ridden a bike since I was in elementry school myself ! Lot’s of fun! Can’t wait for tomorrow !

4 Responses to “Look What I Got !!!!!”

  1. mak'n Changes said

    YAY for new bikes and fun adventures to come!

  2. Heidi said

    Enjoy your new toy!!!! I love biking, in fact, I just got back from a long ride myself. 🙂

  3. Syl said

    I am so excited for you! Love the bike and hope you have a great time today!

  4. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    aaawww…what a sweet husband you have! I love the fact that now you two can ride together!

    But yep, your right – better get a new challenge or your going to have to pay $50!

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