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What A Great Weekend !

Posted by Susan on June 28, 2009

This was the kind of weekend I love ! Productive, fun, active, and spent with people I love most !

Saturday morning we went shopping for my new bike. Then we came home and worked in the yard and got a project done that we have been trying to get to for weeks, but the weather has been preventing us to get to ! I am so happy that it is done ! Then I caught up on all my laundry, and we helped my niece make a special peanut butter pie for her mom. The we had dinner and loaded up the bikes and went for a ride at a school down the road from our house. We had fun riding around, and ended up riding for a few hours then took the kids (my niece and her little friend) out for ice cream.

This morning Matt and I got up early and loaded up the bikes again for an early morning ride at a bike trail in Monroe.(a neighboring town) On the way we stopped for breakfast, and I had a greek omlette. It was perfect ! Then we headed for the trail, and rode 4.25 miles. I wanted to do the trail a second time but Matt’s butt was killing him, (it was the first time he’s ridden in over 5 yrs.!) and we had plans at noon, so we headed home. I have a long ride planned for this Friday morning ! Can’t wait !

After a shower we went to my brother’s to hang out with my side of the family. The kids rode bikes, we hung out on their front porch, and had a BBQ. I ate more than I should, but I am fine with it ! I am full so I don’t think there will be any need to eat anything else now for the rest of the night ! Good food, good company, great day !

This week I only work 3 days !!!!!!!!!! Begining Thurs. I am off for 5 days ! My plan is to eat a less calories all week so that I can eat whatever I want on Sunday. I am throwing a July 4th party that day, and plan on allowing myself to indulge!
I also will be going to the beach for the first time since I moved here on Thurs. So pray for sun and wish me luck !!!!!!!!!!!!

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