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One Day Closer To The Weekend ( For Me Anyway !)

Posted by Susan on June 30, 2009

I can’t believe that my work week ends tomorrow !!!!!! I am so excited ! I am also one day away from my “Beach Day”. It is supposed to be nice out , so I am keeping my fingers crossed ! I am already mentally packing my beach bag !

I am really surprised at how sore I am from my short (4.25 mile) bike ride on Sunday. It just proves that gym workouts and outdoor workouts are totally different. I would really like to get into doing some more outdoor working out in the future. At the elementary school where I test rode my new bike Sat. night , I noticed that the school playground had a lot of options available to mix up my workouts , as well as be outdoors and in the fresh air, rather than cooped up in the gym (or in my case, the basement). There were monkey bars, great for working on pull ups , and chin ups . A huge grassy hill for hill sprints. I bet I could come up with a bunch of circuits using the play ground equipment and the wide open spaces ( for push ups and squats and walking lunges). At this time of year, with school being out, I can go down there whenever and have the whole playground to myself. I think I may plan a workout there, just to mix things up and keep my body guessing……….. The bike ride definately shook things up … quads and hams are screaming at me still “what the heck was that ??” from the bike ride !

So , tonight I will be hitting the sack early and getting a good night’s sleep so I can have a great workout tomorrow morning . Then get through the work day so I am FREE for 5 whole days ! My week nights are boring , unfortunately…….I am an early riser and and early to bedder ! Have a good night all !

One Response to “One Day Closer To The Weekend ( For Me Anyway !)”

  1. Syl said

    bike ride is a great work out isn't it! It's fun and doesn't even seem like a workout until you are done!
    Enjoy your 5 days off, I'm so excited for your beach day!

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