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New Breakfast Combination / Preparing for Beach Day !

Posted by Susan on July 1, 2009

I read a LOT of blogs, most of them diet/fitness related and some that are healthy eating food blogs. The really popular thing that all the food blogs are into is oatmeal. The lovely food bloggers eat oatmeal every day, but hardly ever so they eat the same bowl twice. What I mean is, the put all kinds of yummy extras into their oatmeal to make it more interesting, more flavorful, and more delicious !

I decided to skip my usual egg white/reduced fat cheese omlette yesterday morning and try to dress up my oatmeal some, and this is what I came up with !

I used on packet of plain oatmeal, 1/2 cup of Kashi “Cocoa Beach Granola”, and a teaspoon of Peanut Butter Co. (natural) “Dark Chocolate Dreams” Peanut Butter. It was amazing ! It tasted like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie ! And I was full until 10 am !!! (I eat breakfast at 5:30 am)
I am going to make it my mission to try more ways to change up the taste and texture of my oatmeal in the future. There are endless options for add ins……different types of cereals, all kinds of nut butters, dried fruits, nuts, trail mixes……. I always loved my oatmeal , and this discovery makes me love it even more !
Today was my last day of work, tomorrow begins my time off. As of now, the weather does not look too promising, but I won’t give up hope……I am still praying for the weather man to be wrong and for the sun to shine. I’ve already packed my beach bag, and layed out my swim suit. I really want to do this ! If by some chance I am unable to go tomorrow, Friday is supposed to be nice and I will try for then instead.
I just want to be able to say that I finally did it ! To be able to cross another thing off my “Thing I Will Do When I Get Skinny ” List ! As I am writing this blog post there is a huge down pour going on outside my window . Where I live , it has rained something like 25 days out of 30 this month. It is great for my yard and my new plants, but not for my mental health ! I never realized how closely the weather and my mood are related !!!! Please ! Pray for sun tomorrow !!!!!


2 Responses to “New Breakfast Combination / Preparing for Beach Day !”

  1. Syl said

    I so want to make myself like oatmeal!

  2. Erin said

    Your oatmeal sounds deee-lish!!

    Hope the weather lightens up for you and you have a great Beach Day!

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