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No Beach Today

Posted by Susan on July 2, 2009

Sadly, there will be no Beach Day ! I am really bummed out about it too. I thought that maybe with the end of June would also come the end of this constant rain …….. but I was wrong. The rain is hanging in there stubbornly !
Now what to do today ? I just had breakfast, planned out my food for today, and I am now having my tea. I will get my workout in as soon as I’ve relaxed and enjoyed my tea. I have a lot of cleaning to do in preparation for Sunday’s picnic so I will get started there. I have a closet in the spare bedroom I’ve been wanting to tackle too so I will get to that today as well. I may even throw in a yoga class somewhere into the day , since I have time I should take advantage of it.
On a happier note, tomrrow is supposed to be nice so I will get to the beach then I hope !
I am making a plan for Sunday’s picnic. I am a huge planner and I find comfort in it. I hate walking into the unknown, I guess I am not a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of gal ! I like to know what I am doing, where I am going and I like to be prepared. I am not only preparing the menu, the house work, and the setting up the yard, I am also planning how to get through this fun day in “maintenance mode”.
Here is my Plan :
– Keep calories on the low side the week prior to the picnic ( I doing this now)
– Along with the my usual daily workouts, I plan to do a workout the morning before the picnic, and adding in a hike and bike ride the day before the event and after (MON)
– Enjoy the day ! Eat what I want, what I love, in reasonable portions, listening to my body when it tells me I am full, and working on not eating like it is my last meal and it is my last chance to ever eat this stuff again. When I allow myself freedom to eat what I want I tend to switch into this mode. I eat just because it is there. That leads to eating so much I am usually sick and up all night long because I am so over stuffed !
– Focus on the people first, food secondary. All the people I love in the same place at the same time. Since I am the hostess of this party, I will definately be looking after everyone, and keeping things flowing. Plus I will be running around taking lots of pictures !
I am not going to stress too much about anything. I want things to go well and I want my family to have a great time, I want to eat reasonably, but if things don’t go as planned…….so be it ! I will play on Sunday, and pay for it (with workouts and healthy eating) on Monday ! It is all about balence, and I am determined to achieve that balence in my life !

3 Responses to “No Beach Today”

  1. skinny me! said

    I love how organized you are….I think its the key to successfully managing weight….great goals! I hope your party is awesome!

  2. Syl said

    sounds like a great plan! hope you get your beach day soon!

  3. Katie J said

    Sorry about the yucky rain but sounds like you have a great plan and good luck on tackling the closet! I am in that mode now too ughh!

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