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6th Week of Successful Maintenance / Sugar Bender

Posted by Susan on July 4, 2009

Well I’ve completed my 6th week of maintenance and frankly after last night I am really surprised ….but at the same time happy.
As I’ve been posting all week, I am throwing a 4th Party and I’ve assigned almost everyone a dish to make or something to bring. My husband and I are doing the burgers, dogs and buns. I realized in the middle of last week that I had no desserts to serve. I decided to do some simple baking. We did our food shopping last night at about 8:00pm and got home close to 9:00pm.
When I got home , I put everything away, and had this bright idea to bake everything right then and there and get it over with ! So it began. I baked a cake, some brownies and some magic cookie bars (my personal fav.). All was going well until I started putting together the cookie bars !
I didn’t have dessert last night after dinner so I thought, a few chocolate chips won’t hurt ……. a handful , another, butterscotch chips , a handful. Hmmm let’s combine them in a handful …. heaven ! You can see where this is going , right? I ended up licking the spoon from the condensed milk, a few handfuls of coconut, a few walnuts, more chips …….in the end I threw all the left over ingredients in the trash , and took the trash out ! By this time it was close to 12 am.
After the mini-binge I was on a major sugar high ! It started with the washing the dishes , and the next thing you know, I am scrubbing the sink, taking things off counters , scouring the back splash …… it was crazy ! Finally I decided to get into the shower .
I was wide awake afterward so I watching some TV, read some blogs, and then came up with another idea ………the cake and brownies are cool by now…….why not frost and decorate them now and I will be that much further ahead of the game ? I ended up scraping out all the leftover frosting out of both containers ( like I needed more sugar !).
Finally it was 2:45 am …….I have a lot planned for today , I needed a decently early start ! I went to bed feeling wide awak but the minute my head hit the pillow I was out ! I finally crashed! It’s a good thing I don’t bake very often !
This morning I did get up late but not to bad considering. I did my workout “penance” for my sinful night. The first 15 min. was sheer hell but by the halfway point I was feeling pretty good. I am definately glad I did it !
The good news is that I was only up .4 lbs. this morning ! I owe that to the excellent workout I had yesterday ! Thank God for circuits !
In a way this whole baking thing reminded me of my past , my old habits sneaking up on me again. The I realized the big difference between then and now. In the past, last night would have triggered an entire weekend (or longer) of bad behavior ! I would have not bothered working out. I would have just said ….. ok I screwed up , I may as well just eat what I want, the damage is already done ! This time , I got up, payed for my mess up with a workout , and I am right back on track today !!!! So although I will mess up here and there , even though I still love sweets and have a hard time saying no too them …….I have changed my lifestyle enough to be able get it together afterward and move forward !
That feels really good !!!!!!

2 Responses to “6th Week of Successful Maintenance / Sugar Bender”

  1. mak'n Changes said

    I'm proud of u!

  2. Syl said

    WTG Susan, we all need to live a little some times, but you got right back at it, that's fantastic!

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