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July 4th (on the 5th) Party !

Posted by Susan on July 6, 2009

Today was a wonderful day , spent with all of the people I love most ! This is the one holiday party we host where our entire family attends , the Kings (me) and the Sangers (him)!

I knew that I was planning a “free day” today so I prepared myself for it. I got up early and had an good workout. I did 30 min. of circuits, and 30 min. of HIIT. I ate a a light breakfast of yogurt, Special K cereal, and some fruit.

Then I got myself ready, and finished all the last minute preparations , with a lot of help from my husband. By the time everyone arrived , I was ready , the house was ready, and I had everything organized for the meal to go smoothly. I am getting better at the whole entertaining thing !

It was so great to have everyone together. There was a lot of laughter, and fun and great food.

Me and my favorite 8 year old…… my niece Katelynn.

Me and my husband Matt .

The food table …… lot’s of great stuff !

Family !

My brother and sister.

My sister-in-laws.

It was a great day ! The ate way too much , but I am back on track tomorrow. I have an AM workout planned as well as a morning hike. I will keep my calories low and drink lot’s of water and green tea to detox the junk out of my body !

And tomorrow is FINALLY my beach day !!!!!! It is supposed to be beautiful out and I am ready to go ! I have been waiting to do this for 2 years now so I am excited !

I have also been doing some thinking about food this weekend. I am striving for balence in my life and I’ve decided to make some changes in my eating in order to achieve that balence. I will blog more about that tomorrow………………

Right now I am tired and happy after a great day, and I am going to watch some TV, and get to bed ……… I have an active day planned for tomorrow !!! Have a great night !


2 Responses to “July 4th (on the 5th) Party !”

  1. mak'n Changes said

    I have a question for u…… Can u tell me at what point along the way u dropped your calorie intake. I mean, I started this journey at 1500 calories and am thinking its time to drop it to 1300 cals which should take me to my goal weight. How did u do it?


  2. Tiffany said

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

    It's also really good that you're able to indulge and get right back on track the next day and that you also prepare for it by getting your work out in. You seem to be a pro at maintenance. 🙂

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