All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .


Posted by Susan on July 11, 2009

My weight all week has been up 1-2 lbs. inspite of the good workouts I’ve been getting in everyday. I figured it was the picnic last Sunday. Usually , when I over indulge, within a day or two at the most , with lowering calories and working out, the gain is gone. I was surprised that things were going so slow this week, but I wasn’t paniced about it.

This morning I woke up , ready for my AM workout. On a normal day, the first 10 min. I am still a little tired but as time goes on I feel stronger and I get in the zone. This morning……. not so much ! It was a low energy workout. I was also craving sweets like mad ! Duh ! At 9am ……SURPRISE ! I got a visitor ! (TOM) UGH!

So, needless to say , I felt yuck all day. I was crazy busy at work and had no time to feel crappy. By the time I got home I wanted chocolate and I wanted it bad ! I ended up eating four 100 calorie cookies, and after dinner I had non fat frozen yogurt, a 100 calorie cup cake, with lite chocolate sauce, and lit whip cream …….. now I feel even worse !!!!

Too much sweet. Instead of feeling satisfied that my sweet craving was quenched ….. I feel like I have sludge clogging my system !!! I ended up going from bad to worse !

The good news is that I went food shopping and bought a TON of fruit and veggies. I am trying to make good on my goal to balence the processed foods with the unprocessed foods. I am looking forward to sleeping off this sweet overload and getting back to good food tomorrow.

All in all, tonight was nothing compared to the TOM’s of tha past. There was a time when I would eat everything and anything sweet and just say “who cares”. But I eneded up eating a little bit over 2000 calories. That is a mild screw up for me. I hate excuses and really, TOM is not a good one. But it is what it is .

So on to better day tomorrow. No more sweets and no more excuses !

One Response to “TGIF”

  1. mak'n Changes said

    That happens to me too. It sucks!

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