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Typical Sunday : Planning

Posted by Susan on July 12, 2009

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a planner. Almost to the point where I tend to go a little overboard ! But I hate running around last minute in the mornings, and when I get home from work I am always too tired to think about cooking !

This morning I got up at 4:30am to run over to the house I was sitting for (they came back this afternoon) to let the dogs out and feed them. When I got home I did something I NEVER do ! I went back to bed ! It was 6am, and I was exhausted for some reason ! Usually I love my early mornings , especially on Sundays, but today my body needed rest. I ended up sleeping until 9am , in my world that is like noon ! I probably would have slept later but the phone woke me up !

I think the reason I needed extra rest is that I haven’t taken a rest day from working out in about a month. I decided this weekend to take the whole weekend off . That’s right…… no working out at all ! I didn’t think I could do it, but I did …….but I am looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow.

This is what a typical Sunday looks like for me. I always cook for the week and get lunches and snacks ready so that packing them at night is easier.

I made pasta for the week’s dinners.

Hard boiled some eggs for snacks or to use as protein in my lunches.

I made 2 turkey meat loaves, one to freeze , and one to eat for dinners during the week.

HG Spinach, Mushroom, Mozzarella Supreme for dinners this week.

I sliced up watermelon to use for breakfasts, lunches, and/or snacks.

I prepared a big salad with spring mix, broccoli, and carrots for lunches and dinners.

Sugar Free Jello Pudding for desserts during the week.
I also made a spaghetti squash, and have enough left over to have it tomorrow night for dinner ! So I am ready for the week ! All I have to do when I get home from work is make lunches for myself and the Hubs, shower , and heat up something that I made today ! That leaves me time to relax, read some blogs and get to bed early !
I find that planning ahead like this helps me stay on track calorie-wise, and stops me from grabbing something unhealthy and fatty just for the sake of convenience. It also allows me more time to relax after a long day at work. I don’t mind eating the same thing during the week, I save variety for weekends !
So another weekend comes to an end , and another week begins ! Have a good one !

2 Responses to “Typical Sunday : Planning”

  1. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    wow, I thought I was a planner but you just put me to shame! You are so organized, I'm jealous!

  2. Syl said

    I love how organized you are, makes it so much easier!

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