All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .

Friday ! (whew!)

Posted by Susan on July 18, 2009

Friday ! Finally ! All week I kept thinking it was Thurs. I thought so on Tues. and on Wed. That lead to profound disappointment ! But I made it through the week, and today, and now I have 2 days ahead of me that is completely work free ! Heaven !

I should be cleaning the house right now, but I just haven’t got it in me. That means tomorrow will be full throttle ! We are having yet another get together Sunday. Matt’s aunt and uncle from Indiana, who we haven’t seen since our wedding 2 years ago, are coming over for lunch and to get a tour of our house. That means not only do I need to cook and prepare for the party, but I also need to clean the entire house, top to bottom for the house tour.

Thankfully, Sunday is supposed to be sunny and warm but not humid, so I’ve planned to serve lunch outside. The menu is the typical BBQ spread, burgers and hot dogs, I am making a big veggie salad, and a macaroni salad. Magic cookie bars for dessert, the leftovers are being brought to work on Monday …better to tempt my co-workers than myself !

So tomorrow , my To Do list is a mile long. I am getting to bed tonight at a decent hour, so I can get an early start. I wanted to spend the day at the beach tomorrow with my niece, but that is out the window at this point. But the plan is to begin my day with a workout. The original plan was a hike tomorrow morning but I am not sure , the forecast calls for rain int the morning. No matter what I and getting some sort of workout in, even if I have to do it here !

Sunday I have a turkey burger ready to have instead of a regular hamburger. Turkey burgers are 160 calories, a beef burger is 290 !!!!! What !??? I would rather skip it. I will load up on the tossed salad and just have a little pasta salad……. and definitely dessert ! I will be getting a workout in Sunday morning to, hopefully counteracting the dessert !

I can’t wait until I have no plans on the weekends again ! I don’t know what is up with this summer but it seems to be nonstop with social obligations ! What happened to our wonderfully boring lives , where we did nothing but relax !!!???? Oh well …… it is all good practice in the maintenance game. Learning to navigate social events and the food that always goes with them is a good thing! And making up the menu myself is even better. It puts me in a position of control over what is served and what I eat.

Off to bed so I can be fresh for tomorrow !


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