All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .

Random Thoughts :

Posted by Susan on July 21, 2009

Today was a day of frustration at work , so finally I am home safe and sound, and my thoughts are a complete jumble, so today’s post is going to be the same way ……….. forgive me.

Pictured above is my refrigerator. I blew my before/after pic and taped it there. I did this so that every time I have the urge to pick at food when I shouldn’t I can see where I was and how far I’ve come. Seeing this makes me question if the snack is worth it? Am I really hungry ? Or am I just bored ? Upset? Frustrated? Is it hunger I am feeding, or just emotions ?

I think anyone who has ever struggled with weight begins to see sooner or later that hunger is rarely the reason for eating. Most of the time we are “feeding” something else entirely. I find thinking twice about why, saves me from a lot of extra calories !

Yesterday I played hooky from work. I got up at 3am as usual, and started my workout. About midway through it I decided I was going to give myself a day off ! (from work ……. I finished my workout).

The weekend was stressful. I spent it cooking, and cleaning the house top to bottom because Matt’s Aunt and Uncle were coming for lunch and a tour of the house. (we hadn’t seen them since the wedding) I felt like I did nothing but run around for 2 days, trying to make everything perfect. They stayed really late, and I ate too much dessert, which made me feel like dirt ! I hardly slept because of the excess fat and sugar I ingested……… I felt the need to REST!

I made a cup of tea, had breakfast out on the deck and watched Good Morning America. Then I took a much needed nap ! It was heaven ! I never took off my pajamas all day ! When I got up it was time for lunch.

I made this beautiful salad. 50/50 spring mix and baby spinach, chick peas, sunflower seeds, broccoli, carrots, squash, and some reduced fat cheddar cheese. It was delicious! I ate it on the deck and watched the bird in our bird feeder.

I wish every day was like that ……. but then I wouldn’t appreciate it half as much as I did yesterday ! When I got up this morning , knowing I was stepping right back into my usual routine, I kept wishing it was yesterday again ……

Oh well, back to reality ! Today was difficult. All the work I didn’t do yesterday was waiting for me, on top of all the work for today. Was the day off worth it ! Yes indeed ! Every now and then it feels good to take care of yourself and spend a day doing nothing ! It is good for the soul !

Today and tonight in my neck of the woods, it is cold and rainy. More like an early September rainy evening that one close to the end of July! I plan on a cup of hot (decaf) Green Tea, and a good book, then to bed early ! I feel mentally drained and exhausted tonight .

Tomorrow is another (and hopefully better ) day !

5 Responses to “Random Thoughts :”

  1. Syl said

    sounds like a great day off, the boys and I have been eating on the deck lately too, it's nice to be outside!
    I am waiting for two books to arrive that I ordered so that I can do some reading in the evenings, I really miss reading.
    Tea and a book sound like heaven..enjoy!

  2. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    totally jealous of your day of relaxation yesterday! Glad to hear you took a day to yourself!

  3. Erin said

    Sounds like an amazing day yesterday! i agree with you that its so daunting to go back to work after a day off 🙂

    Great advice that we've got to be good to ourselves every once in a while and just take a break. I need to pencil one of those in on my calendar 😉

  4. Bare It All said

    Mmmmm…that day sounds awesome. And that mug of tea looks like it will hit the spot!

  5. Tiffany said

    I love the idea of putting the before and after pic of yourself on the fridge to make yourself think twice about why you are eating. Very good tactic. I think I will have to employ that down the line.

    Glad you were able to catch up on some much needed rest.

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