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Getting Real

Posted by Susan on July 25, 2009

I try to stay positive when writing blog posts, but some days I am just not feeling it ! Like the past few days for instance. I usually don’t blog on days like this because I don’t want to be a downer. I gave it some thought and decided that having negative feeling is just part of life and definitely part of the whole weight loss/maintenance journey so I may as well get real and let it all hang out ! So here goes !

I am really ticked off ! I am up 3 pounds as of this morning and have no idea why ! I am working out as usual and have been actually pushing myself harder than ever ! I have been eating great ! I did change things up a bit , but for the better ….. or at least I thought.

As I’ve mentioned lately, I really wanted to start replacing some of the processed foods in my diet with more whole foods. I’ve exchanged my usual lunch of a sandwich and baby carrots with a salad chock full of raw veggies ( broccoli, carrots, squash, spinach, leafy greens) and protein ( chick peas, seeds, tuna or salmon) and I’ve exchanged my snacks, usually 100 calorie snacks, for fresh fruit.

I am actually eating the same amount of calories as I was when I was trying to reduce my weight ! And STILL my weight went up this week !!!!!!!!!!! I am getting in all of my water, and I active all day long, what’s the deal !

I am angry and frustrated ! I make healthy changes and gain weight …… it just doesn’t make sense to me. I do notice some things about the diet change though. For one thing, I am a lot more bloated and gassy than usual, but I just figured my body was adjusting to the changes, which is to be expected. I also ” go ” a lot more . ( Sorry for the TMI) But I would think that would be a good thing !

I’ve done some research and I’ve talked to some people about what is normal weight fluctuation. I was told and read in numerous articles the 5 pounds is normal. To me , 5 pounds is a bit much. I worked my butt off to get that last 5 pounds off ! For the past 7 weeks I have gone no higher than 142 , even after a splurge. When the scale said 143 this morning my heart sank.

Am I being stupid here and just panicking? Or should I be nervous about this? All of the the calorie calculator I’ve plugged my number into (height, weight, age) say I should be eating 2000+ calories a day. Here I am eating no more than 1600 and I am gaining. I was beginning to think maintaining was easier than I thought it would be …… now I am rethinking that, big time !

2 Responses to “Getting Real”

  1. mak'n Changes said

    Hey susan. Sorry u are having a rough time. Could it be aunt flow? Try not to worry k? Things always seem to have a way of evening themselves out. Don't let it ruin u k?

  2. She-Fit said

    Awh, I'm sorry. The weight will come off… just got to get back to the 2 basics. Eat right and exercise. Some of the smallest changes can make a huge difference. Hang in there.

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