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A New Week Ahead

Posted by Susan on July 26, 2009

This weekend was amazing ! I hate to see it end ! I am all ready for the coming week as far as meals go, and lunches are made and packed up for tomorrow. All that is left now is dinner and a shower, some TV maybe some reading , and sleep.

Friday ended my 4 weeks of total body circuits and tomorrow I begin a totally different circuit plan so I am excited about knowing that my workout tomorrow will be fresh and different. That is why I love circuit training. Always something new and different , fast paced, a whole lot of work in a very short time ! That is how I like it. I guess I get bored easily !

I tried yoga today, thinking that it is something different that I may want to add to my exercise routine. Not for me. I was bored to tears. I am not one of those people who can shut my mind off and do slow movements. The 30 min. just seemed to drag on for hours. I know women who do it regularly and their bodies are toned and beautiful. I have also been told countless times that the practice of yoga provides a peaceful calming effect on the body and mind. I wish I loved it, but I don’t. Just like everything else in this world…….not everything suits everyone. Maybe at I will try it again sometime, I haven’t written it off, but right now I am just not into it.

Well, time to eat some dinner and relax until bedtime. I hope everyone else had as great of a weekend as I did. The only good thing about the weekend coming to an end is that there is always another one 5 days away !

One Response to “A New Week Ahead”

  1. Tiffany said

    Glad to hear you had a great weekend! Sunday night are always difficult for me, cause work is right around the corner. And it's always hard to go back after spending a nice weekend with my family.

    As for the yoga – funny because it's not something I would picture you liking. Just based on your preference for HIIT and circuit training. I've never tried it myself…perhaps one of these days…

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