All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .

Sunday Morning

Posted by Susan on July 26, 2009

My favorite thing about Sunday mornings is the show “Sunday Morning” on CBS , and a cup of green tea in my PJ’s ! Heaven !

I haven’t had a Sunday like this in forever between social obligations and our usual hikes. It is rainy and grey outside, so it is a perfect excuse to do my favorite thing !

The plan for today goes like this:

  • Empty the dishwasher (I ran it last night)
  • Prepare meals for the week
  • Make lunches for tomorrow
  • Do a yoga DVD ( I’ve got a few but I haven’t done them in years (literally). Since today is my “Rest Day’ from working out, I figured this would be fun to try. Maybe it is something I could incorporate into my routine.

I am going to have a good healthy lunch. A huge veggie salad and grilled eggplant , raw spinach, and Laughing Cow Cheese on a wrap.

My plan for the remainder of the day is to have a Rainy Day Movie Marathon with the Hubs ! A perfect day ! Healthy food, relaxation, and time spent with my husband…….. can’t get better than that !

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