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Now I Understand Why !

Posted by Susan on July 30, 2009

It all came together last night ! I went to bed at 7 pm last night. I was soooo tired, I’d just ate 5 , yes that’s right 5 , 100 calorie snack cakes, ( I opened the rest of them and put them in a plastic bag, then poured dish washing liquid on them !) and I was done for the night !

At 10 pm I was awakened by a huge thunder storm so I got up to close the bedroom windows and set off the our alarm system ! I am half asleep , trying to turn it off ! My husband came up and tried to help me and I in a snit and definitely NOT nice to the poor guy. Before going back to bed I went to the bathroom and it was all clear ! TOM had arrived with a vengeance !

So that explains a lot ! 1.) the weight gain I was freaking out about ! 2.) the terrible mood 3.) the incessant hunger the past few days 4.) the bloated belly ……………. I am at the point in my life where I never know if or when I will get it ! This was a surprise visit , so I never put two and two together !

Today I felt like dirt ! Food wasn’t an issue because I really wasn’t in the mood for food. I always have crazings before , but once I get it, I could care less ! I did workout this morning, but I my lower body is massively sore from Wednesday’s workout, so after today’s ardio session I felt like I needed to go back to bed ! My body was bone tired. But I dragged myself back to work anyway!

I am off to bed early tonight. I want to be rested and ready for the weekend ahead. The plan is , the beach on Saturday with my niece Kate, and then date night with my husband, something we haven’t done in a long time ! Sunday we are finally going on a hike in the morning ! Hopefully by then the worst of this will be over !

5 Responses to “Now I Understand Why !”

  1. Katie J said

    Sounds like a nice weekend Susan. Enjoy!

  2. Bare It All said

    I'm in the same boat over here. I woke up at 2 am and had a pudding cup, 3 pieces of low cal bread with honey, and RF wheat thins. Think I'm craving carbs or what? 🙂 Oh well. My little friend will be gone soon and I'm tracking everything.

    Have a great weekend! I'm jealous you can go to the beach.

  3. mak'n Changes said

    Aunt flo is a Beeotch!

  4. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    bleck – I'll be praying your monthly visit doesn't stay any longer then it needs!

  5. Heidi said

    Me too, me too! I'm that same way also in that I get cravings the few days before but the moment it arrives food almost disgusts me. I guess it's a self regulation thing.

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