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Saturday Weigh In

Posted by Susan on August 1, 2009

I got up this morning , and weighed in. 143.6. Not what I wanted to see, but I am not surprised. This week has been rough. With the arrival of TOM, I ate some crap, when I usually don’t eat any, and I ate it at night, even worse.

I am bloated and feel gross in general so I am not going to go crazy about it. I went downstairs right after I weighed in and did my workout. Business as usual. Although I was planning pizza for dinner tonight and I’ve nixed that. I need to eat lighter today.

So the plan today is the beach for a few hours with my niece Katelynn. Yes I have house work to do, and laundry (that I’ve already started). Plus some cooking for the week. But I figure the summer is almost over, and I may as well enjoy it while I can. There is always tomorrow to catch up on things. One way or another it will get done.

I am thinking of doing the 30 day Shred for the month of September. I have a house sitting job for the month. That means I need to go let the dogs I am sitting for out before and after work. I will need to get in the workouts and get the most out I can get out of a workout in the shortest amount of time. The 30 Day Shred is tough, but only 20 minutes a day. It may be the perfect solution to the problem of fitting everything in that month.

I am off to put some clothes in the dryer and get my gear packed up for the beach. Enjoy your Saturday !

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