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A Day At The Beach

Posted by Susan on August 2, 2009

Yesterday was one of the very few true summer days here in Connecticut. Sunny, gorgeous summer days have been few and far between this year and I wanted to forget about housework and laundry for once and celebrate the perfect day!

I packed a cooler with lunches and healthy snacks and cold drinks and brought my niece to the beach for a day together. We lounged in the sun and swam in the lake, and had lunch. We talked about things 8 year old’s like to talk about . We had a blast together !

The beach in our neighborhood , on Candlewood lake.

Kate , showing off her swimming skills !

Kate getting some sun !
It was the kind of day I’ve wanted since I moved here. I am so happy to be using the beach finally after 2 years ! It was the best day ever !
I am hoping to fill the remainder of this summer the same way ! There is not much left , and I will definitely making the most of the time left. I sometimes get really bogged down with all the house hold chores I have to get done. But, there are many more important things in life than the perfectly clean house ! One of the most important being spending quality time with the kid I love most in the world ! I am increasingly aware of how quickly time passes. Time you can never have back , so it is important to make the most of every minute !
When Kate went home, Matt and I ordered a pizza ( yes I ate PIZZA, without any stress or drama !) and watched some episodes of ” True Blood” . We even had some mint chocolate chip ice cream ! I had a little splurge night, but kept it all very moderate and didn’t end up over stuffed and feeling like crap afterward !
It was definitely a great way to spend a Saturday !
Today , a hike is planned, but I am not sure it will happen. The perfect summer day has turned gray, and threatening rain. (is it so much to ask for 2 nice days in a row ?) I’d originally planned to go to the beach after hiking but the weather kind of put a stop to those plans.
Instead, I will do some easy cardio this morning, and some cooking for the week, give the house a vacuum and the bathroom a scrub, and spend the afternoon continuing our ” True Blood” marathon !
Not such a horrible day ! All in all the weekend has been a great one ! I am so grateful for it. Just the recharge I needed before starting another work week.
My goal for this week is to eat as cleanly as possible, to get in my workouts and water each day, and put a halt to the new bad habit I thought I had licked, but apparently have NOT!
I’ve started snacking before bed again. And not good , healthy , snacking. More of a “grazing” type. A little of this , a little of that. such small amounts that in my mind I figure it is not enough to track …..but little bits add up quick, and the calories are not necessary ! I am going this after a good healthy dinner that includes dessert. So that needs to be worked on. I need to do what I used to do ……. brush my teeth and get in bed ! I need the sleep more than I need the extra calories !
I hope that the weekend was a good one and that everyone got to spend a little time with the people they love most and allowed themselves time to relax and enjoy the little things……it is just as important as workout schedules and calorie counting !

2 Responses to “A Day At The Beach”

  1. Bare It All said

    So true. I'm glad you got to have a nice beach day. 🙂

  2. Rebecca said

    Hey Susan:

    Hadn't been around in awhile because I've been on vacation so I thought I'd pop in say Hi…

    Agreed though, this summer has been weird and hopefully it will remain summer like for the rest of it

    Have a great start to the week!

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