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Mixing Up Cardio

Posted by Susan on August 3, 2009

Today was the first day of my 3 Meals A Day Challenge. I feel like I have been really over doing it on the snacks, and was wondering if maybe , since snacking seems like a trigger for me, what would happen if I just cut them out altogether. At least Mon. – Fri.

So today was day #1. I tried to up the calories for each meal to 500 calories including fruits and vegetables, and of course dessert at night with dinner. Being that I work during the day , it is not so hard. If I don’t pack it, I don’t eat it. But I realized that I wasn’t really hungry between meals, and that proves my theory that I may have been eating because it was time to eat, not because of actual hunger.

We’ll see how the rest of the week goes, but so far so good.

I also mentioned yesterday that I wanted to mix up my cardio workouts this week. I feel like I am doing the same things and I think my body is getting too used to it.

While in the shower last night I remembered something I’d read on another fitness blog . Cardio Cards! I have acquired a lot of cardio equipment over the years. I have a spin bike, a treadmill, and an elliptical trainer. I’ve also been wanting to incorporate some outdoor walks into my routine.

So I took some index cards and I wrote down all the different things I can do on all of my equipment, like spin class (I have tons of spin classes on DVD) HIIT on both treadmill and spin bike, walking on an incline on the treadmill. I like to do 60 mins. so I wrote down each exercise in 30 min. increments.

So on cardio days I will shuffle the cards up and pick out 2. Whatever the card says, I will do that day. This way I will have a different combination of exercise each day.

I am going to try it for a week. I do 3-4 cardo days every week. This will help keep my body guessing , and cut down on the boredom . I will try it for a week and see how it goes.

5 Responses to “Mixing Up Cardio”

  1. mak'n Changes said

    So did you walk away from today hungry at all? I love the cardio card idea. Its ingenious !

  2. Rebecca said

    look at you…seriously…what a great idea!

    your so motivated!!

  3. She-Fit said

    Good luck with the 3 meal challenge! I definitely eat a lot of meals, but I eat healthy, small portions spread out the day so it end up eating the same amount

  4. Annie said

    this is such a great idea! thanks for the inspiration to change up my routine. I don't have all the different equipment at home, but I can certainly do this at the gym!

  5. MB said

    I love the cardio cards. It's a great way to keep from getting bored.

    I'm impressed by your success. I'm looking forward to coming back and catching up on the archives.

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