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A Tribute : Oreo’s

Posted by Susan on August 4, 2009

As everyone knows , our favorite Prior Fat Girl , Jen ( suffered the tragic loss of her Mom this weekend. I think anyone who reads Jen’s blog knows her Mom, or feels like they do from all of the sweet, funny, and always loving comments she left on every post.
Having lost both my parents in the span of a few years, I understand her grief and pain. It is hard to believe that having never met Jen or her Mom face to face , I can feel so sad. I guess the glimpses we give in our blog posts of our lives form bonds and friendships we don’t expect.
Tonight Jen and her family and friends are going to finish the walk her Mom began, and then have some Oreo’s in her honor. I think it is such a beautiful , touching tribute, and I wish I could join them. What I am going to do is have some Oreo’s .

6 Responses to “A Tribute : Oreo’s”

  1. Bare It All said

    Hmmmm…I like your thinking. I too lost my mom and I think it just really hits home to see someone else going through that…it brings back so many memories. Maybe oreos could be a little way to pay tribute to such a great woman.

  2. Rebecca said

    what a great idea!

    maybe ill have some too…

  3. mak'n Changes said

    I know! When I read her blog my heart dropped and I was shaken to tears. Jen has allowed us to see who she really is and has allowed us to call her family so to read that my family member lost her mom was heart wrenching ! I will miss her moms comments on her blog.

  4. Syl said

    I may have had an oreo or two or three, although it was hard, I felt like I was a part of what was going on and I felt like I could be there for a friend, even in such a small way.

  5. MB said

    It is surprising how we can have such strong feelings for people we've never met in the flesh. We may even know more about each other than real life friends do.

    I guess I'm lucky to still have both my parents but I'm not nearly as close to either one of them as Jen is to her family. It is so sad.

    This is a very nice tribute. I walked the other night in Kimberly Emmerts' honor but decided to send a package of Oreos to Jen instead of eating them myself. πŸ˜‰

    I hope you enjoyed your Oreos with a nice cold glass of milk.

  6. Jen, a priorfatgirl said

    Thank you SO MUCH for helping remember my mom, now and forever. I am so honored to really truly call you my friend – my mom would be so happy to see everyone eating oreo's πŸ™‚

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