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I Can’t Beleive It Is The End Of The Week Already !

Posted by Susan on August 6, 2009

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week !!!!! I can hardly believe how quickly this week has flown by ! I honestly don’t have much to report .

Food has been good . I have tried the 3 meals a day, and was doing well until today when around 10:30 and I was hungry so I broke into my lunch and ate the fruit intended for my lunch ! That’s OK though as long as I am eat because I am hungry and nothing else !

Workouts have been great. Cardio cards are workout out well. Today I did 30 mins. of walking on the treadmill on an incline …….My butt is still screaming for mercy ! Great workout !

Other than that, nothing exciting or different. I am tired and ready to catch some ZZZ’s !

2 Responses to “I Can’t Beleive It Is The End Of The Week Already !”

  1. Syl said

    I didn't realize it was Thursday until I heard the garbage truck pull up is running to get the garbage to the curb count as cardio šŸ™‚
    Glad you are having a good day, my hungry time is usually 3 that's why we eat dinner so early šŸ™‚

  2. Patty said

    Saw your response on FatFreeMe's blog, and wanted to take a look at you blog. I read several posts but got stuck on the fact that you set your alarm for 2:45 to exercise! I'm in the "Wow, that's dedication!!!" group. Your pictures really tell the story. Congrats on reaching goal!

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