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Sunday Morning / Monday Mini-Goals

Posted by Susan on August 9, 2009

As I say every Sunday morning ………. I love them ! We slept in this morning , and it felt GREAT ! I really needed it ! I’ve been up late this weekend because I have become addicted to to Bejeweled 2 ! So the extra sleep was definitely welcome.

We went to a local diner for breakfast . I did some research and found that having 2 eggs over easy, Canadian Bacon, an English Muffin, and potatoes is less calories than my usual omelette’s. Plus it is a LOT of food ! I am full , but not in a gross bloated way. I forgot to bring my camera into the diner (duh !) so not pics of this yummy meal. But it was a perfect Sunday breakfast .

After we ate , we decided to get in a hike before it started to rain. We did about 1 and 1/2 miles in. Nothing big , but it was still nice. Plus I worked off some of my breakfast !

Right now I am relaxing with a cup of green tea, and planning out in my head what I will do for the remainder of the day.
I have most of the preparation for the week done, so I will be doing some “personal maintenance” , touch up my roots ( I need to do it myself between colors), give myself a facial, whiten my teeth, etc…… I also want to get in some easy SS cardio, make lunches for tomorrow, and finish a book I am reading.
If I don’t get to all of it ……. oh well ! It is Sunday ! They are made for relaxing !
Monday Mini-Goals:
  • Keep trying to maintain 3 meals a day : I did OK last week with it. A few times I had to break into my lunch and eat the fruit I’d packed for dessert, but all in all I did OK. At least I was eating because I was hungry , not just because it was time !
  • Drink 3 cups of Green Tea per day : I read an article in Oxygen Magazine about the benefits of green tea. Sounded good , so I figured I would give it a try. I already drink 2 cups a day so I will just add one more.
  • Get to bed on time !: Not doing to well with that lately ! I really need to get back to it. I will make an extra effort to do it this week.
  • Go back to one 24 hour fast a week : I did it twice a week when I was reducing. My weight has been all over the place lately. I am definitely fluctuating ! I am just going to try it one day a week again and see how it goes.
  • Get in all of my water : I do pretty well , I always get in at least 8-10 glasses, but I like to get in 24 glasses a day. My goal this week is to get in all 24, every day.

So on to another week ! I hate to see the weekend end …….. but another one is only 5 days away, and the way the weeks are flying it will pass in no time !!!!!

3 Responses to “Sunday Morning / Monday Mini-Goals”

  1. mak'n Changes said

    You know I heard there are great health benefits to fasting 1 or 2 times a week. Its supposed to be good for you colon. I love those pictures! You live in a gorgeous area for sure.
    enjoy the rest of your sunday.


  2. Rebecca said

    OOohhhh, i would love to hear some more about your fasts!!

    you must share…

  3. Fat[free]Me said

    I am so glad to find your blog – it is so inspirational and encouraging to read!

    Thank you so much for your comment in my blog – it really helped and I really appreciate it!

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