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Almost Friday !!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on August 13, 2009

Tomorrow is FRIDAY !!!!!! Can you tell I am happy ? I am definitely ready too . My sigh of relief will be heard around the world tomorrow at 3:30 pm , so listen for it !

Tomorrow night we are taking my mother-in law out for her birthday. We are going to Apple bee’s ( mostly because there are a lot of healthy options on the menu , and also because it is right next door to the movie theater) and then we are going to see Julie and Julia . I plan to have popcorn at the movies ……. sorry but that is just one thing I can not live without ! I don’t care that is unhealthy and tons of calories, I am fasting tomorrow anyway so when I added up my calories for the day, with dinner and popcorn (1485 calories to be exact, and that is just the popcorn !) I will still be within range for the day.

We all need a treat now and then, and for me a movie is not a movie with out the popcorn , so I am going to eat it and enjoy it !

Here are my eats for today:

Before working out I had my usual half English muffin with a smear of reduced fat peanut butter. For my actual breakfast I had 2 eggs over easy on 2 slices of whole wheat bread, with a little sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar cheese on each.

At work for snack I had the old stand by, yogurt and Fiber One Cereal.
For lunch, veggie salad , that I added reduced fat cheese and sunflower seeds to. Dressing on the side. I also had a nectarine.

Tonight for dinner I had a turkey burger on a soft (white) bun with some oven baked fries and a veggie salad. I ate dessert before dinner tonight because I couldn’t wait ! I needed something sweet ! I ate three chocolate covered mint cookies that I put in my husband’s lunch. I snitched three of them !

About the Diet Coke Cake. Someone asked for the recipe …………………. and here it is ! Simple and totally uncomplicated …….. one cake mix ( I usually use reduced sugar mix but you can use any brand cake mix, it is still a lot less calories than a conventionally prepared cake) and one can of Diet Coke ! Mix it up in a bowl and bake according to the instructions on the box. That is it. If you pour the mix into 1/2 cup cupcake tins, they come out to be 100 calories a cupcake. This time I made it in a bunt pan but I’ve done it in all different pans. I was told to try Diet 7 up with a lemon cake mix for lemon cake, that is is really good but haven’t tried it yet. I guess you could experiment with all different flavors . Some times I top it with lite chocolate syrup, or low fat whip cream, I’ve even topped it with reduced fat peanut butter, that is really good too !
I have a lot going on this weekend. I am house/pet sitting which means extra $$$$ so I am going bathing suit shopping on Saturday. I have my niece on Saturday morning so I am planning a beach day. It is supposed to be beautiful out so I am looking forward to that. Sunday I may go to the beach again if weather permits, at least for a few hours.
So have a great last work day of the week everyone ! Happy Weekend !


6 Responses to “Almost Friday !!!!!!!!”

  1. The Amazing Shrinking Girl said

    ahh… yes i was the one that asked about the recipe and I never thought it was the same as the 7-up cake. I used to make that a lot. Well good to know and I never thought about the 100-cal portions! great idea!

  2. Katie J said

    Sounds like a fun weekend! I don't blame you on the popcorn. Especially now that you are maintaining. I hear it is a good movie. I want to see it too. Interesting recipies. The lemon one sounds yummy. Have a great weekend!

  3. Tina said

    My favorite soda cake version is chocolate cake with diet cherry coke…then frost with a mixture of FF cool whip and SF cherry jello mix. The "frosting" thickens up nicely and makes a GREAT topping!

  4. Syl said

    Love movie popcorn, your right it's not the same without it!

    However I some times "sneak" in the white cheddar 100 cal packs, I like it just as much!

    hope you are having a great night

  5. Tiffany said

    Food looks yummy.

    As for the popcorn – glad to hear you're going for it. It just shows that you can have the things you really want if you fit them into your day.

    Have fun!

  6. Rebecca said

    have a fabulous weekend!

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