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The Pity Party Has Come To An End !

Posted by Susan on August 16, 2009

Yesterday , I found myself in the midst of a massive Pity Party ! I was allowing the upset of Friday bleed into my Saturday. I ended up grazing all day, some healthy things, some not so healthy. Nothing like the huge binges of the past, but still. Grazing all day and not actually eating good balanced meals at scheduled times is dangerous for me !

At 8:00 last night I realized I hadn’t eaten a real meal all day and finally had an egg on whole wheat bread. I made the decision that today would be different. I would get back on track and stay there !

Here are today’s eats : For breakfast I had oatmeal, Go Lean Crunch, and 1 T. of Chocolate Dreams peanut butter. Plus I had a hard boiled egg.

Lunch was tuna, broccoli slaw,carrot salad on a whole grain English muffin, baby carrots, Snap Pea Crisps (love these things !) and a small apple.

Around 4:00 pm I was kind of hungry so I has a handful of peanuts.

Dinner was a 4 oz chicken breast, Rosemary Potatoes ( these were super yummy and really easy to make!) and a veggie salad with a little sprinkle of reduced fat cheese.

Dessert tonight was awesome ! A slice of Diet Coke Cake ( the last one ) with 1 cup of fat free frozen yogurt and a drizzle of reduced sugar chocolate syrup. Perfect sweet ending of the food day !
New Toy !

Yesterday I bought a food scale ! I’ve been wanting one for a while now. I found this one at Ocean State Job Lot , a store that sells over stock from other stores . I got this baby for $15.00 ! It is easy to use and works great. Now I can be more exact with my portions.
I took a rest day today from working out. I felt my body needed a rest. We slept in this morning and had a nice lazy day ! Now I am ready for the week ahead ! Hope everyone has a good one !

2 Responses to “The Pity Party Has Come To An End !”

  1. The Amazing Shrinking Girl said

    Eats look good and the cake… :o)

    Have fun with the food scale. I sure did when I got mine!

  2. Rebecca said

    glad the parties over and this week is gonna be great!!

    your gonna love your scale, i do!

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