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A Day Of Detox And A Promise To Myself

Posted by Susan on August 20, 2009

Today was not so great. Because of my “movie & popcorn night” last night , I did not sleep well. First off I went to bed waaaaayy too late and second , eating crap before bed always makes sleeping difficult if not impossible. That is why I always save all food splurges for the weekend !

When the alarm went off this morning I got up , had my usual PB toast , put on my workout clothes and got all the way downstairs, got on the spin bike for some cardio and decided I just could not do it ! I felt not only tired, but sore and bloated and still queasy from last night.

I got off the bike and went back to bed for an hour and a half ! My philosophy is usually, you play you pay, but I just could not exercise. You know it is bad if I skip a workout ! I was so angry with myself ! It is not like this was something that happened to me at random. I brought the entire thing on myself !

I spent the entire day detoxing …….. or at least trying to !As much of this as I could …………………… (water)

And numerous cups of this ………………………… (green tea )
My stomach was turning all day. I didn’t take pics of food because I hardly eat anything ! The thought of food made me sick ! It was hell !
I am making a promise to myself right here and now, you as my wittness ! I need to wrap my head around the fact that things have changed. That my body has changed in so many more ways then just weight loss.
I can no longer eat like I used to. In order to stay energetic and comfortable, in order to sleep well at night and have general well being , I can NOT eat like I used to. My body does not want it. It makes that fact very , very, clear !
I promise myself that I will not do this anymore. I will (finally!) learn from this situation, and make it my mission to never allow it to happen again !
No one needs a huge mound of popcorn, with gobs of synthetic butter ! No one needs any of the stuff I over do.
I hated how I felt today and I vow to do everything in my power to nake sure it never, EVER happens again !
I am so tired right now, so I am off to bed ! Hopefully I will be able to sleep off this stooper once and for all !


4 Responses to “A Day Of Detox And A Promise To Myself”

  1. Tiffany said

    Sorry to hear you feel so crappy. The one good thing is that it shows just how far you've come.

    Hope you're better by morning.

  2. Bare It All said

    Oh, man, I know just how you feel. The last time I had some popcorn at the movies it felt like I had swallowed a rockF!!!!

    Feel better and have a great workout tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Rebecca said

    oh susan… havent we all been there?

    i think the greatest thing is when we finally realize it's just not doable anymore.

    yay for change!

  4. Melissa said

    I hope you feel better soon!! I've noticed that since I've been on plan for a few months, when I do eat bad my stomach protests big time!

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