All Things In Moderation

…….. and moderation in all things .


Posted by Susan on August 21, 2009

Typical Friday, typical Friday stresses and frustrations, but I lived through it ! I went to bed last night at 6:30 pm ! I slept like a baby, and ended up having a great workout this morning. Amazing what a difference a day of eating well, and a night of good, sound sleep makes !
This morning I had some protein pancakes for breakfast. I love them because they are filling and I find that I am not hungry for hours after eating them !

Since I was still sort of full from breakfast , I just had a peach around 9: 30 am. ( I had the pancakes at 5 am)

Around 11:00 am I was hungry so I had 2 Rye Crisp crackers and a wedge of Light Laughing Cow Cheese , and a small apple.

At 2:00 pm, it was time for some lunch. A veggie salad with sunflower seeds and sesame sticks.

Dinner was the last of the chicken breasts I made at the beginning of the week, rosemary potatoes, and a veggie salad.
After that it was all down hill ………………. Some personal issues sent me running for the food ! I ate quite a few sugar free cookies, a dark chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, and half a bag of Snap Pea Crisps ……… As you can see , in spite of all of the things I’ve conquered, and learned during this weight loss / maintenance journey, I am still not above some emotional eating.
I still find comfort in food when I am feeling certain emotions. I am in no way using this as an excuse. I put the food into my mouth, I made the choice to eat . But it is done. It is what it is , and all I can do is move on …………
Tomorrow is another day.
And it is Saturday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will definitely be good!

One Response to “TGIF !”

  1. Tiffany said

    These things happen. Tomorrow will be better. If it makes you feel better, your binge didn't sound that bad. While the old triggers might still be there it sounds like your choices could have been far worse. Gotta find the positive in every situation.

    Tomorrow is a new day.

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