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12 Weeks Of Successful Maintaining !

Posted by Susan on August 23, 2009

Today marks 12 weeks of maintaining my weight loss goals ! There have been many ups and downs, more than a few meltdowns, and some stressful moments. Through it all, some valuable lessons learned.

  1. Weight naturally fluctuates anywhere from 1-5 lbs. daily, depending on where your body is at any given time. Anything from stress, salt intake, PMS, they all play a part in the daily number on the scale. I usually find that I can be close to 145 lbs. one day and the next 141 lbs. I’ve learned not to go crazy over this anymore. It is just my body adjusting to life. Most importantly it is NORMAL !
  2. Daily exercise is an absolute must. If I want to maintain this loss, I need to exercise 6-7 days a week. There is no way around it , it just is.
  3. My daily calorie limit on a normal day is 1800. Tracking what I eat, weighing and measuring what I eat is necessary still at this stage of the game. I may come to a point in the future where I will not need to, but for now it keeps it clear in my head exactly what I am eating.
  4. A splurge now and then will not kill me weight-wise, but it does kill me stomach-wise ! I am not able to eat like I once did without paying for it physically ! Nothing is worse than feeling so full that you feel sick ! Better to keep a splurge under control, in reasonable portions , than to be sick to my stomach. There is nothing worse than a “food hangover”. The day after over doing it on food I feel like I partied hard the night before ! My workouts are torture the next day, and I feel sluggish and gross all the next day ! NOT WORTH IT !
  5. Balance is important ! I could never limit my diet. I am not the type of person that could sustain a lifestyle where I could never have meat, or never have sugar or anything else. For me , a little of everything works best. I eat fresh clean foods, I eat some processed foods here and there. As long as I mix it all up, and not eat too much of any one thing….. this works best for me.
  6. The things I once loved and craved are not so tempting anymore. I am not sure if it is that my taste buds have changed or what. The one thing that hasn’t changed is my chocolate obsession ! I love it and always will I guess ! I try to keep it dark chocolate because I like it but don’t love it ….so it is easier to keep the portions limited !
  7. I love my life at this weight. I love that I can wear what I want, I love that I can wear a bathing suit and not feel embarrassed about it. I love knowing that I accomplished something I’ve wanted for so long. It is worth all the work I have to do to stay this way.
  8. Most importantly, and it ties in all of the lessons I’ve learned is that this is that I am always “on plan”. And I always will be if I want to sustain this weight. This is the way I will be living FOREVER ! It is hard to wrap my head around that, so I just think of it in terms of a day at a time.

I am really proud of myself for making it this far, but I must admit, I will be happier when I am posting that I’ve successfully maintained for 1 year ! 2 years ! But it is a step at a time. Foe now I will just be satisfied with celebrating the small victories !


5 Responses to “12 Weeks Of Successful Maintaining !”

  1. Rebecca said

    Susan your so inspiring and all your points are so valid!!!

  2. Syl said

    you are such an inspiration. you really show me that it's possible, your such a great role model for health and happiness.
    congrats on continued success!

  3. Bare It All said

    It really is wonderful to have a blog about maintaining. It's easy to look at that goal weight and assume that it takes tons of work to get there and then you're all done. But this is a lifestyle change….

    Good for you for making it 3 whole months! That is so awesome, Susan.

  4. mak'n Changes said

    I'm proud of you too susan!

  5. The Amazing Shrinking Girl said

    Congrats on your success! Maintaining seems harder than losing so major props to you!

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