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The Day That Lasted Forever !

Posted by Susan on August 28, 2009

Today was loooooooong ! It seemed to never end ! When 3:25 rolled around I was literally running out the door of work ! I am now free for 4 whole days !

When I got home from work, my husband wanted to take me to a discount store he found. (he travels the state for work) So I changed my clothes and off we went. I found some neat (cheap) things to work into my dinner menus next week, so I am excited for that !

We didn’t get home until after 7:00, so dinner was late tonight. It’s a good thing I had food cooked in advance , or I may have been tempted to eat something quick or just stop for a burger.
Here is the food for the day. It was a nutso day …….. I was late this morning, and didn’t have time to think out my meals so I pretty much grabbed what was easy and handy.

Breakfast was a repeat of yesterday …..Kashi granola , oatmeal , and chocolate peanut butter. Boring yes ………. but so good !

Morning snack was two seven grain crackers and some reduced fat peanut butter.

Around 11:00, for some reason I am always starving lately ! I was in the mood for something sweet, like a cookie , but settled for a peach. A better choice for sure.

Lunch was a sandwich thin with wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese and some wheat sticks.

While doing errands , I bought a Go Lean Crunchy Bar. It was really, really, good ! And it held me until dinner. I’m glad I bought a few of them. It seems anything Kashi is pretty good in the taste and fulling me up department.

Finally , close to 8:00 I got to dinner. I heated up some chicken , spinach bake and new potatoes. Not creative , but still good.
Tomorrow I have a day to myself. Matt was supposed to be off with me, but he has some end of the month jobs he needs to get done so he needs to go to work. That leaves me on my own for the day.
The plan for the day is to get my workout in , and if weather cooperates, I will go to the beach for a few hours. I would also like to organize my closet …….. not that there is a whole lot to organize ……. but I am doing it in hopes of making room for some fall/winter clothes, which I am in desperate need of , in the near future !
Tonight I have an appointment with the DVR ! I get to watch some of the shows I miss during the week due to my early week day bed times. Have a great night ! Oh, and pray for sun in CT tomorrow , please !!!

6 Responses to “The Day That Lasted Forever !”

  1. Syl said

    you betcha my friend! I have a 10k on the 13th that I'm still training for, so I'll still be running / biking thru the challenge, so glad you decided to join me, I need all the help I can get 😉

  2. mak'n Changes said

    I'm glad your crazy work week is over, I hope soon you find a job that makes you happy cause its hard to see you so unhappy.
    Soaking in some sun tomorrow will be good for you. I hope it works out. You are a great inspiration susan AND you are good people!

  3. MB said

    Enjoy your extended weekend. I hope Tropical Storm Danny doesn't put a damper on your weekend plans.

  4. Melissa said

    What brand are the crackers and wheat sticks that you eat? I'd like to look for those!

  5. Susan said

    The crackers are Rye Crisps and Wheat Stix are by Pringles and come in 90 calorie packs. I also eat Specila K 90 calorie pack crackers.

  6. biz319 said

    Jealous of your alone time! Either my daughter or husband are home with me, since my husband works from home.

    Congrats on the awesome weight loss! My all-time high was 210 as well, got down to 138 in a year – that was back in 2000. I maintained that weight until I was put on insulin, and in 3 years have gained 30 pounds back. Rats!

    Have fun today and Happy Friday!

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