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Sunday : A Little Healthy, A Little Not !

Posted by Susan on August 30, 2009

The answer to what was wrong with me all day yesterday came promptly at 5:30 this morning …….. TOM arrived ! I got up, took care of business and went back to sleep until 8:30 !!!! That explains the fatigue, moodiness, crankiness, and constant hunger (not to mention bad food choices).

The weird thing with me , is once I finally get TOM , all symptoms disappear completely. I guess that’s a good thing. I am old now, so TOM comes whenever, and sometimes not at all . I can’t say I mind missing it , but lately I have been blessed (yeah right) with it almost every month !

Anyway, food today was pretty good :

I slept in this morning, and Matt and I had a few errands to run that we wanted to get done and over with, so I didn’t have breakfast until 9:30. I had my version of an Egg Mc Muffin : 1 egg on a toasted sandwich thin, with a little sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar and a banana.

At 11:45 I did some easy cardio : 30 min. spin bike, 30 min. elliptical. When I was done I made a Mega Salad to eat all week.(spinach , broccoli, zucchini, broccoli slaw, spring mix) For lunch I had a bowl of my Mega Salad Mixture and I added some sunflower seeds, and sesame sticks. It was so good !

At 3:30 I had Chobani Greek Yogurt. I don’t usually buy it because it is expensive. I found it at a local Market 12 for $12 , so I bought some. I am a little on the fence about Greek yogurt. I am used to the artificially sweetened yogurt, and this stuff is only as sweet as the fruit that is added. Not that it is bad, just different. It will take getting used to. The one thing I love about it is that it is thick ! It is really filling ! I was satisfied after eating it, much more so than when I have the regular yogurt.

I ate really well all day, I ate pretty healthy , so I wanted something really good for dinner. I deiced on Three Cheese Tortellini. I added some chicken breast and some fat free parm.

It was sooooo good ! Plus it totally filled me up. I remember the days when I would eat the entire bag of these in one sitting ! I can’t even imagine that ! One serving is 3/4 c. dry pasta and it is a big portion. There are 4 portions in a bag ! That is crazy !

OK, on to dessert ! I made a Diet Coke Cake today ! I had one slice of cake , one scoop of FF frozen yogurt, a drizzle of lite chocolate syrup, and lite whip cream ! It was like having birthday cake !
Tonight we are going to watch a few episodes of True Blood and relax. Both Matt and I are off tomorrow ! I am not going to say anything about plans because I am afraid I will jinx it !!!!! Whatever happens though, it will be a great day !
I am taking a rest day from working out tomorrow to rest up for the 30 Shred Challenge beginning on Tues. , September 1st !!!!!!! I am not ashamed to say I am a little intimidated. I watched the video yesterday to see what I am in for and it looks tough ! Hope I can hack it ! I guess I will find out soon enough !
Have a great day tomorrow everyone !

3 Responses to “Sunday : A Little Healthy, A Little Not !”

  1. Tiffany said

    Sounds like a good day! Also wanted to let you know that I loved:

    1) The before and after pic at the top of your blog. It is a reminder of how far you've come every time you log in.

    2) Your list of things that help you be successful. I love seeing what works for others and drawing inspiration from them.

  2. cilla said

    foods sounds yummy ,i hear ya girl TOM gets me too 🙂 needs lots of dark chocolate then. have a great week stop by soon

  3. Life, Health and Fitness said

    Mmm all your eats look yummy especially the cheese tortellini! Funny how our bodies change though isn't it, because I was the same way. I could eat a whole box of a pasta dish in one sitting before, and now a serving is almost too much.

    Good luck with the Shred challenge!

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