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Sunday Bonus Post : Secrets To My Success

Posted by Susan on August 30, 2009

I decided to post some of the things that both helped me lose the weight and still help me maintain my weigh loss.

Here are 21 of my must haves :

1. Storage Containers

2. My Exercise Bible

3. My Home Gym

4. Smaller Plates

5. My 64 oz. Water Bottle

6. Green Tea

7. Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons and Food Scale

8. Dark Chocolate Dreams

9. Dark Chocolate Kisses

10. Lunch Bags

11. My Husband Matt

12. My Calorie Tracking Tools

13. Sleep

14. DVR

15. I POD Shuffle

16. Balancing Food

17. Blogging and Reading Blogs

18. Camera

19. Reminding Myself Where I Was
20. My Scale

21. Dessert Every Night !

There they are , the things I can’t live without , and the secret to keeping my weight under control.

What are yours ??? I love knowing little trick people come up with, or gadgets they use , or strategies people come up with ! Let me know what the secrets to your success are !


6 Responses to “Sunday Bonus Post : Secrets To My Success”

  1. skinny me! said

    I love it!!! Such an awesome list and I totally agree with it…I use most of them myself. The only thing I would add to my own personal list are…

    1. attending WW meetings and weighing in every week
    2. exercising in the morning as much as possible (before work)
    3. Tring new things (food and exercise)
    4. Cooking as much of my own food as possible and freezing it when possible
    5. keeping healthy snacks on hand….organization, organization!

  2. cilla said

    u look amazing my friend i hope to lose some weight in the c oming months…stop by soon hugs

  3. Rebecca said

    This truly is an awesome list!!

    So jealous of your home gym! although I know myself and dont think I'd have the dedication to workout at home the way you do.

  4. Life, Health and Fitness said

    Love this post! Going to have to put some thought into my musts haves, great idea though!

  5. Beth said

    I love this post! Just yesterday I was looking all over Walmart for storage containers and couldn't find any. They got remodeled and put in grocery, but they didn't enlarge the building so I think they got rid of a lot of stuff!

    I have made tomato sauce and salsa from our tomato crop and need more containers because most of them are now in use for that! I think my family thinks I'm nuts for the number of storage containers I have.

    P.S. W/ regard to Jackson Browne, we get to go backstage!! Our neighbor is a cousin of his mother and that's how the arrangements got made. Jackson is my husband's favorite artist of all time so he is totally thrilled and will be bringing an album to be signed.

  6. Melissa said

    1. My WW group on Babycenter
    2. Definitely storage containers!!
    3. Cutting up fruit and veggies on the weekends and having them ready to go
    4. Signing up for a 5K and knowing I have to be ready for it in 2 months.

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