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Monday : My Last Day of Freedom !

Posted by Susan on August 31, 2009

Today was the last day of my 4 day weekend ….. back to the old grind tomorrow. It was nice while it lasted !

This morning we slept in and it was heaven ! Like a Sunday only better ! I got up around 8:30 and had a chance to have a cup of tea and read the paper.

Around 10:00 we did some running around and took this little lady to the spa …….

This is Zoey, and she is quite proud of her new do ! She had “the works” done today. Check out the little pink bow in her hair …..she has been trying to get it out since she got home !!

Here is my food for today :

I had some Greek yogurt with 3/4 cup of granola, and a banana.
Greek yogurt is definitely growing on me , especially with the granola added. The flavor I had this morning was peach. The best part of all is how long this breakfast stayed with me. I didn’t get to have lunch until after 1:00 and I was fine !

Lunch today was tuna salad wrap and some wheat sticks …………………………..

Dessert , an apple (a really good one too , but I forgot what kind , I think it was a Gala ) and 5 dark chocolate kisses.

Around 3:30 I had a Go Lean Crunchy Bar … was my last one. I wish I’d bought more , they are really good.

Dinner tonight was something different. I LOVE Mexican food , but the Hubs does not. A WW friend of mine gave me an excellent, easy recipe for Quesadillas, using these fat free refried beans , 100 calorie wraps and reduced fat cheddar cheese.

So easy and sooooooo good ! they hit the spot when I am craving Mexican food ! I had a veggie salad with it.

I am going to try to make one and heat it up for lunch sometime. I wonder if it is as good ?

Last but not least …….. DESSERT ! A slice of DC cake that I iced with a little Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter and a little squirt of lite whipped cream ! It was amazing !
Now I am off to bed , so I can be rested and ready for my first day of Shredding ! Night all !

5 Responses to “Monday : My Last Day of Freedom !”

  1. Bare It All said

    Will you send me your recipe for the DC cake? My email is It looks so yummy!

  2. skinny me! said

    You dog could quite possibly be the cutest animal alive…SO SO cute. Love the bow!

  3. cilla said

    love your dog soo sweet, your food looks amazing .stop by soon

  4. Janet said

    Like you, dessert is absolutely mandatory for me. It ends my meal and sort of signals me that it's time to stop eating! Right now I love angel food cake with fruit and whipped topping or kozy shack puddings… but I am going to try out your diet coke cake next week!

  5. Melissa said

    your dessert looks amazing. My mouth is watering.

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