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It’s only Wednesday ?

Posted by Susan on September 30, 2009

Time drags when you looking forward to a week vacation ! I keep waking up hoping it is Friday ! Every time I wish time would fly by , I hear my Grandmother’s voice in my head saying “Don’t wish your life away Susie !” But I just can’t help it !

Today I was ravenous all day ! I didn’t go over crazy with food or anything , but boy did I want to ! Even the food being served to the residents was tempting ! (and that’s saying something because the food they serve is gross !) I waiting on TOM. That is always the way I feel when it is looming in the horizon. Tonight I am getting to bed as early as I can because the later I stay up the harder it will be to resist the snacking urge. When I feel like this I am hungry , but for nothing in particular , so I find myself grazing on anything and everything if I am not careful !

Here is the food for the day:


Before the Shred this morning I had a banana, I didn’t take a picture of it because I know everyone knows what that looks like ! Before I left for work I had some Chobani  yogurt, with granola.


At work for snack I had an apple and a Fiber Plus bar. I really like these. They taste like something bad, but only 130 calories, so they are not so bad.


At around 11:00 I was starving. I went to the vending machines in the break room at work to see if I could find something that was even the slightest bit healthy. I ended up choosing a Nature Valley Granola Bar. I figured it was better than a chocolate bar.


Lunch was a veggie salad topped with reduced fat cheese, sunflower seeds, and sesame sticks.



Dinner was planned this morning, left over rice pilaf from dinner on Sunday. By the time I got home I was in the mood for something else . I ended up having 3 cheese tortellini with a 4 0z. chicken breast and FF parm. cheese ! It was perfect. I was so hungry and it filled me up perfectly and the calorie count didn’t end up much more than it would have if I’d stuck with the leftover rice pilaf. I also has a veggie salad.


For dessert tonight I had a 1/2 c. of FF frozen yogurt, , 1 T. of chocolate chips, Lite chocolate syrup , and FF whipped cream ! Yum ! I really needed my sweet fix tonight !

Tomorrow  morning is my last session of The 30 Day Shred ! I am both happy and sad to see it go ! Happy , because it kicked my BUTT ! Sad because I had so much fun with this challenge ! I love the DVD, but I don’t think I would have loved it if I hadn’t done it with all of the gals who participated in the challenge.  Tomorrow will be bittersweet .

On a happier note , I am on board with the next challenge ! What better time to Shred our butts off than right before the Holidays ! I am planning on doing it again next May before we go on vacation in June …..get firmed up for my late honeymoon !

Well, I am off to bed to read for a while and hopefully fall asleep early so I am bright eyed and bushy tailed for my last Shred ! I am hoping that when I wake up tomorrow my intense hunger has subsided and I am back to my normal self !

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Candy Corn Is The Devil

Posted by Susan on September 29, 2009

The week is moving along nicely. All is smooth at work due to the absence of a disruptive co-worker (she is on vacation ) and I am so grateful for the peace. Work is as busy and as hectic as ever, just without the drama and chaos ! Oh if it could only last forever !

I did really well food-wise today until I hit a little bump in the road when I got home from work ! Take a look at my day ……..


Before Shredding this morning , I had a banana.


I had the best breakfast this morning. Kashi Apple Orchard Granola (another cheap find at BIG LOT”S ). It has dried apple chinks , pecans, raisins, flax seed, and spices .  I had 1/2 c. of it over plain oatmeal. It was filling and incredibly good ! I added a hard boiled egg for some protien and I was good to go.


For an AM snack while at work I had a Kashi Go Lean Crunchy Bar and an apple.


Lunch I kept light today. I knew I was going to end up having a Magic Cookie Bar, that I made for my co-workers so I cut back on the calories. I had a whole grain sandwich thin with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese spread inside, and some Wheat Stix .


And then the very best part of lunch ! A Magic Cookie Bar ! My Mom made these for us growing up and I could never find a recipe. I finally found one last year (I googled it , Duh , right?) and have been making them for other people ever since. I don’t make them for myself because I can easily get carried away with these things , and my husband will not touch them ! They are made with condensed milk, coconut, chocolate chips, nuts on a graham cracker crust. They are literally to DIE for ! Some times I add chocolate chips AND butterscotch chips,  or chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, depends on my mood ! I had one, just one. They were a hit because there were only about 4 left out of the 2 dozen I made !

Here comes the bad part ……. I came home and was checking my email when I remembered these :IMG_0153

This cute little Halloween bowl sits near the computer. Every time my husband or I pass by it we take a few, and we take a few , and we take a few ……..This bowl was over flowing on Sunday night ……… I think this cute little bowl is a bad idea  ! Today I came home from work and took a few, and that few turned into a few handfuls. I made a deal with my husband that we will keep the bowl out of my sight , or quit filling it altogether. Thankfully, he is supportive and agreed ! Because of the Candy Corn incident… there will be no dessert tonight. I think I had two night’s worth dessert this afternoon .


Tonight was burger night. I had a turkey burger on a whole grain sandwich thin, some shoe string french fries, and a salad. As I said … dessert because of the Candy Corn incident . I have had more than enough sugar for one day !

I am done with all of my chores extra early tonight so I think I will do some reading and get to bed . Have a great Wednesday !

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A New Week Begins

Posted by Susan on September 28, 2009

It was so nice to sleep in this morning ! Last night was an early night at our house. Both my husband and I were in bed by 7:00 pm ……… The house was dark and everyone , including the animals, were fast asleep by 7:25 ! My husband is usually a night owl so this was a first in my house ! Needless to say I was feeling rested when I got up this morning to Shred.

I think today was the first day Level 1 actually felt somewhat easy. I guess I am finally getting the hang of it . (it figures it would happen now, with only 3 days left !) My 30 days end on Thursday because I missed a day. I plan on taking a rest day on Friday. I think I (we) deserve one after a 30 day workout stint.

I’ve been promising the girls I work with that I would make Magic Cookie Bars for them for months now. The ingredients are expensive, and I try to keep to a budget most weeks when it comes to food shopping. This week I found all the ingredients on sale at one of the over stock stores I go to, so I decided to make them for tomorrow.


I made half with nuts and half without ……. I hope they like them ! This is my first baking attempt for someone outside my family !

I decided to stay on the lighter side food-wise today because I feel like I ate too many sweets over the weekend. I plan on keeping it light all week because I know that I will be eating out a few times next week while I am home on vacation from work.


Before Shredding this morning I had a banana.


Before I left for work I has my version of an egg Mc Muffin. One egg with a sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar cheese, on a light whole grain English muffin.


For a morning snack I had a Fiber Plus Bar and an apple.


I had one of my favorite lunches today. Chobani Greek Yogurt with granola. I wasn’t too keen on Greek yogurt when I first tried it. When your used to the sugary stuff , it is really hard to get used to. It is alos a lot more expensive than regular yogurt. What I liked about it was that it kept me full for a long time. I search out sales for them, and try to eat them a few times a week now. This week I got them 10 for $10 , so I snapped them up !I could never eat regular yogurt as a meal, no matter how what I added to it.


For dinner I had a big veggie salad, with zucchini, broccoli, broccoli slaw, spring mix lettuce and baby spinach. I added a 4oz. chicken breast, some sunflower seeds, some sesame sticks, and some reduced fat cheese.

Believe it or not I am skipping dessert tonight. Yes you read that right , the Dessert Queen is taking a sweet break . I think I ate enough sugary treats this weekend. I figure a day off won’t hurt. I will be back to enjoying dessert  tomorrow  !

Off to bed to read and play catch up on some sleep ! 3 more Shred days to go !

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I’m Back !

Posted by Susan on September 27, 2009

Finally ! Time to dust off the old camera and get back to the business of blogging ! I’ve missed having sufficient time to be able to blog the way I like to blog, with pictures and with a less clouded thought pattern.

This week is my last work week before a week off from work, and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to it ! Matt has the week off too, so we will have some time to do some things together as well as just relax !

I often feel as though my life is ruled by the clock. I seem to always be checking my watch, trying to juggle the time in a day in order to get everything done. I love weeks off when I can do things at my own pace, and not have to clock watch.

One thing I would like to accomplish during the week I am off is some fall cleaning. Washing all the winter blankets , organizing, putting away summer things and getting out the winter stuff. Washing my curtains, washing floors, cleaning out closets, the whole deal. I also need to get out in the yard and start the leaf raking and general fall clean up that needs to be done before each winter.

Sounds like a lot huh? Oh well , I am sure we will sneak in some fun stuff here and there !

I can’t believe that I only have 4 more days ( I added and extra day due to the alarm mishap and missed day ) until I can say I have completed the 30 Day Shred ! I must admit today I was soooooo close to quitting !

I am feeling a cold coming on and feel pretty much like I’ve been run over by a truck. I got up this morning at 5 am , per usual to take care of the dogs. When I got home I was in no mood to shred, but I know that if I don’t get it done first thing… will either not get done, or it will be a horrible session.

I started thinking about skipping today. No one would know if I did it or not. I could just let everyone assume I did. Or I could fess up to not doing it . You guys are not going to kill me or anything, your not going to disown me. You guys never judge. What would it hurt to just give myself a break and give myself a well deserved rest day ?

Then I started thinking about who I would be cheating .  It wouldn’t be you guys, it would be me. I would not have the satisfaction of knowing that I finished, no matter how hard it was. The feeling of accomplishment would not be mine the last day of the Challenge, and even though no one would have to know I didn’t actually finish …….. I would know.

That was enough to get me down stairs at 6:30 am and shredding. It was actually the easiest session so far. And it went by super fast , and I was done before I knew it ! So I over came the temptation of slacking off , and got the job  done !

Yesterday my husband and  I brought my niece to a near by farm to do a trail ride. It was a first for both my niece and myself.


IMG_0099I did not realize how difficult it is to ride a rough trail . My legs were literally burning ! It was a great workout !

IMG_0106We were having a great time , until Matt’s chain popped on his bike. We ended up having  walk part of the trail with him, but Kate and I finished the trail riding.  We had a lot of fun though. We stopped as few times to look at the scenery. The trees around here are begining to turn now. It won’t be long until we are able to go on our annual Leaf Peeping Tour ….it is a tradition we have and the beauty of this area in peak season in the fall never gets old !

As for food today …..I am dying for sweets , and have been since I woke up this morning. I think TOM is waiting in the wings , I usually feel the sweets cravings right before it arrives. i didn’t do horrible today , I just had more sugar than I am used to.

IMG_0119This morning before I did the shred I had a Fiber Plus Bar and a banana.


After the Shred , believe it or not, I went back to bed ! I got up around 11:30 am and for brunch I had 2 eggs over easy with a sprinkle of cheese, and a raisin English Muffin with butter.

IMG_0121Around 2 :00 I had these Quaker Mini Delight rice cakes. I probably should have had something substantial , but I was not in the mood to fuss and craving sweet. What is not pictured is the 3 Musketeer Bar I had ( full sized) abd a few handfuls of candy corn !


Dinner was a 4 oz. chicken breast , 1 c. of rice pilaf, and a salad.



IMG_0128Dessert tonight was a bit more than I usually eat, but as I said ……. my sweet tooth is raging tonight ! I has my last piece of DC cake (big piece , more of a hunk really) with FF frozen Yogurt, 1 T. of chocolate chips, Schocolate syrup, and a squirt of FF whip cream ! it really hit the spot  !

Since I am exhausted and Matt isn’t feeling well, we are planning on getting to bed in a few. We will probably read till we fall asleep . We are both anxious to get this week going so that we can get to our week off ! Tomorrow I get to sleep in …. 3 am wake up call instead of 2 am ! (yahoo!)

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It’s Almost Over !

Posted by Susan on September 26, 2009

I am extremely happy to report that I almost have my life back ! Boy have I missed it ! As much as I enjoy doing my September house/pet sitting gig, I am always relieved when it is over and I am finally free !

I am proud of myself this year. I didn’t allow the stress of a new routine and extra early mornings to interfere with my workout schedule or my tracking/food intake. I participated in the September Shred Challenge , and did it every day no matter how tired or low energy I felt ( except of course that horrible day I forgot to set the alarm !) .

It feels really good to know that I’ve made this way of life my priority, and I was able to be consistent even when time was short !

The things that lacked during this month of craziness were sleep ( I like getting those 7-8 hours in a night !) and water ! For whatever reason, I just wasn’t in the mood to drink my usual 16-24 oz. It was weird. I have been drinking that much water every day for years, but this month I just could NOT choke it down !

My green tea intake suffered as well. I just never had time to drink it. Even on weekends ( I always drink tons of it on weekends). I was always too busy playing catch-up on all my house chores on Saturdays and Sundays. I would end up making a cup in the morning, forgetting about it, then re-heating it like 10 times until I would finally forget it completely in the microwave and finding it at dinner time when I went to heat up dinner !

All in all , though, I think I did pretty good ! Nothing ever goes perfectly when you’re juggeling time, so I think I did pretty well going with the flow ( not a talent of mine) and prioritizing what was most important !

Now I have one more work-week a head of me and I am off for an entire week ! I can’t wait to sleep as late as I want and not spend my time watching the clock ! What a relief that will be !

Today we are going on a trail bike ride with my niece and to hit the over stock stores and see what bargains we can find ! I love doing that more than just about anything. I need to replenish my stock of cereal and other things I need to make my weeks menus.

Then I have a trip to take care of the dogs tonight, one tomorrow morning, and one last visit tomorrow  afternoon to make sure everything is perfect for the World Travelers when they arrive home at 7 pm tomorrow night !

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Question ……………..

Posted by Susan on September 23, 2009

Do you know anyone like this ? Someone who is constantly looking for shortcuts to weight loss, insisting the exercise makes them fat, and always taking fat burners any other magic weight loss potion that comes on the market?

I know someone like this. Today I was listening in to a conversation about Weight Watcher’s points that blew me away. I’ve never done Weight Watchers, so I am putting this question out there because a lot of you do and may know the answer .

This nameless person was explaining that she can eat an entire box of WW Brownies and if she adds fiber (this consisted of a bowl of broccoli slaw with a pile of Fiber One cereal poured on top ! Ick !) it cancels out the points she ate when she consumed the brownies ……. something doesn’t sound right about that . She said to just look at the formula ….I suppose she was referring to the point’s formula.

The whole idea doesn’t sound logical to me ……. and I guess she does this all the time with all kinds of fattening foods.

Maybe she’s right, and that is why I am asking.

This same person insists that those new “rocker ” sneakers  from sketcher are a great way to replace a cardio workout …….. Hmmmm …… That doesn’t seem right either.

Either she is a genius and I am a sucker who has been wasting her time working her ass off to get where she is …… or she has her facts wrong !

What is your opinion? Can a pair of sneakers worn casually all day take the place of a workout ? Does eating loads of fiber allow you to eat crap and the crap doesn’t count ? Have we all been Shredding and tracking calories (or points) for no good reason ?

NOTE : This post was written in sarcasm ……..but I would love to know what the answer as as far as the WW point formula goes !

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Feeling Negative , Posting Positive

Posted by Susan on September 22, 2009

That is something I find really hard. When I am stressed and mad at the world, to come on here and try to be ” Miss Mary Sunshine ” !

Today was stressful . We had a big visit from the President of our company. All kinds of preparation, went into today, and the guy was in the building for all of 30 minutes , tops !

Then a run in with a nasty co-worker . ( It is always the same co-worker ! For the most part I get along with just about everyone ….it’s just this one !!!!)

I feel drained and negative. I feel like I need a break ………like 5 days straight in bed ! But that is not going to happen . Instead I am going to try to focus on the positive.

First of all the visit is OVER and the guy is probably on a plane back to CA as I type this. Tomorrow will be business as usual again . I never realized how much I would rather have it that way until today.

The co-worker , who I have so much trouble with is off for an entire month starting tomorrow !!!!! I am free of her ! That definitely makes going back to work tomorrow a lot less of a dread !

The Shred this morning was much better. Still difficult, but I wasn’t flailing around like yesterday. I am in the minority when I say, I liked Level 2 much better than Level 3 ! But I did it, and I felt better about it, so that is something.

The whole day is behind me now, and I can forget it ! I have dinner all ready for me when I get home, all I have to do is heat it up. Then a shower and sleep.

When I wake up in the morning it will be a new day and this entire day will feel as if it never happened. Right?

The good news is that in the past, a day like today would send me straight to the candy aisle at Rite Aide on my way home from work, because I would feel like I deserved it after the day I had .

I don’t go that route anymore. The chocolate doesn’t make the feelings go away. Never has , and never will.

I will still have dessert tonight …. a good one too ! But it is a planned treat , and a moderate treat . Not some mindless binge expected to medicate the day away !

That’s progress. Something to mark as a positive all in its self !

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Shred / Level 3

Posted by Susan on September 21, 2009

I am so happy to report that  this is my last week of house-sitting !!!!! Although in many ways I enjoy it ( as well as the extra $$$ ), I am always happy to see it come to an end !  I have another job for 5 days in November, so I will be back soon enough !

Another reason I am happy to see it end is that I have a week off from work from Oct. 5-9 ! I am really excited to have an entire week where I don’t need to watch the clock ! I will be free ! Matt has the week off too , so we will get to spend some time together …… this month I feel like I haven’t seen him at all . It will be nice to reconnect .

I did level 3 of the Shred today …….. It was really , REALLY hard !  It felt good , but I also felt awkward doing it . Maybe because it was the first day, maybe because it was Monday, who knows. I hope as I keep doing it becomes a little easier and I get more comfortable with the moves.  I felt like I was all over the place. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, I guess.

On a happier note, I was pleasantly surprised when I checked my DVR this weekend that I had in fact tapped The Biggest Loser !!!!! I finally got to watch it yesterday, and I am not ashamed to admit, I pretty much sobbed through the entire thing ! These people really got to me ! I was never as big as any of them scale number-wise, but I may as well have been ! I could relate to the sadness, the desperation , and the feelings of ” I can’t do this, I am too fat !”

It almost seemed like an army boot camp. Was it me , or are both Bob and Jillian extra mean and scream more this season ? I understand why they are doing it, of course. They need to break them down so they can build them back up . They need to pound all their old ways of thinking out of their heads so they could plant new seeds of thought. I just felt bad for some of them .

There are somethings I don’t agree with about the show, but for the most part, I love it. I love seeing all of the transformations . I love seeing the light bulb go off in their heads when they realize they are capable of so much more than they ever imagined . I also love that even though Bob and Jillian are kind of mean to them, they end up so grateful in the end for all they do for them, both mentally and physically. I can always count on the show to provide me with some inspiration, and with 10 days of Level 3 ahead of me, I need all the inspiration I can get !! I can’t wait to see how this season plays out !

Before I close I want to make a comment on all the Shed Updates . I think we are all our own worst critics. We expect big things of ourselves, and that is good ! We work hard , and we deserve great results. I have to say , honestly that every single picture I’ve seen posted I can see big differences ! I think we don’t look at ourselves objectively enough. We see all the flaws before we see anything else. That’s why I think it is so great that we post the pictures.  The feedback we receive from each other is invaluable ! Sometimes we can’t see what is right in front of us. I see abs popping and arms becoming defined. I see thighs shrinking and waists getting smaller. I see the progress you may not see. Read your comments and then take another look at your progress pictures, you may see that you’re doing better than you first thought you were !

OK, I am off  !  Have a great ngiht !

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Day 20 : Shred Update

Posted by Susan on September 20, 2009

I can’t believe we are already in the home stretch of our 30 Day Shred Challenge ! It went a lot quicker than I thought it would. Level 2 , for me was tough ! The circuits are super challenging , and I could feel my heart pounding, or as Jillian would say , I was “gargling my heart !”

But ….. I made it (minus one day 😦 ) and lived to tell about it ! I’ve had this DVD since it came out , I pre-ordered it from Amazon before it even came out . I never used it until Syl posed this challenge. I am so glad that she did too ! This challenge has been a blast ! It is so much more fun doing something and knowing that others are trudging through it day after day with you !

Here are my Progress Pictures :



  • Waist : 29 “
  • Chest : 33.5″
  • Hips : 34.5″
  • Thigh : 19″
  • Arm : 10″

DAY 10 / LEVEL 1 :


  • Waist : 27″
  • Chest : 33″
  • Hips : 34.5″
  • Thigh : 18.5″
  • Arm : 9.5″

DAY 20 / LEVEL 2 :


  • Waist : 25.75″
  • Chest : 32″
  • Hips : 32.5″
  • Thigh : 17.75″
  • Arms : 9″

I really see no difference in the pictures, they may as well be  all the same picture ! The measurements are interesting though.  I’ve lost a few just about everywhere, and I can feel it in my clothes. My weight as pretty much stayed steady . I am a little on the low side (138 lbs. this morning ) but I attribute that to the busy schedule I’ve had since this Challenge began . For some reason I am just not in the mood to eat . (imagine that ! ) I am sure my usual appetite will return once my life gets back to normal.

Yesterday was extremely productive . I got up at 5:00 am , per usual to get the dogs settled (house sitting ) . I came home and did the Shred, and then crawled back into bed until 10 am ! Once I got up and ate breakfast it was 11-ish and I pretty much figured the day was shot. I knew I needed to start laundry and change the sheets , so I did that and got a super burst of energy ! I ended up cleaning the entire house !!! Plus we ran some errands , and I did 4 loads of wash, ran the dishwasher all before I went to take care of the dogs again at 3:30 !!!

I had a nice relaxing night last night in my clean house ! Not that I lasted long . I was nodding off by 9:00 . Oh well ! This is my last week of this crazy routine . After that it is one more work week and I have an entire week off to reincorporate from my crazy September !!!! I am so looking forward to not living by the clock for an entire week !

I can’t wait to see all the Shred result and I am excited , yet a little anxious  about beginning Level 3 tomorrow morning . I wish us all luck !

Have a great Sunday !

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Better Late Than Never

Posted by Susan on September 19, 2009

OK, I am finally posting pictures of the new clothes I bought last week. Keep in mind that I have literally NO CLOTHES ! In April of this year I went through everything I owned and threw out whatever didn’t fit. Turns out that it was everything ! When I began this journey I was a size 16, a tight 16 going on 18. I am now a size 6, and when I did this major closet clean out I was a size 8. The clean out was half celebration and half promise, that I would never EVER got back again to the way I was.

So since I have nothing, and I don’t have a ton of money to replace everything …… I am buying only basics for now. Things that I can wear year after year . I thought I bought so much until I actually tried them on ! It is a pretty boring start to a wardrobe, but at least it is a start ! I wear scubs everyday to work so I have no real need at the moment for anything other than casual clothes, at least for now.

These clothes are nothing exciting , and I am not 100% happy with how the pictures came out ……. but I am posting them anyway………. what the hey !


The “cowgirl” look. I love this blouse. It is sort of a feminine take on a guys shirt. I am also sporting my new boots. I am don’t think I am going to wear this as an outfit, but I thought it was a cute picture , for fashion show purposes.


The little argyle sweater …cute. I don’t think I would wear it with the black camisole, but you get the general idea.


I got three long sleeved T shits ……. a dark gray one………………


And a Black one …………………………………………………………


And a wheat colored one. Nothing so exciting, but they will get me through the fall anyway !


This is kind of exciting. My sister bought me this coat 5 years ago for my 40th birthday ….it was too tight , but I wouldn’t let her bring it back because I vowed I would fit into it ! It fits !!!!!! I bought this cute scarf to go with it.


I also bought this one .

That’s it ! Notice that my face is not shown in any of these pictures . I looked like crap today so I had the Hubs take them headless ! Here are some of the pics he took while he was waiting for me to change outfits !




The entire family came to watch me try on my clothes ……….. Zoey decided to watch from her comfy bed in her crate !

So that’s it ! My exciting  (not really) loot !

I got my Shred in this morning …no alarm clock mishaps , thankfully ! I can’t beleive Monday we begin Level 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am kind of afraid of Level 3 . I am still not used to Level 2 !

I hope everyone has a peaceful, and relaxing weekend ! That is my goal .

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