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Freedom Is Just A Day Away !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Susan on September 3, 2009

Hurray ! Almost Friday ! And a Holiday weekend to boot ! Can’t get much better than that right ? We have no plans aside from a small get together with Matt’s side of the family on Sunday. It should be fun .

This weekend is my last weekend of the summer. I will be busy with an extra job all month, and by the time I’ve finished it it will be October ! I plan on enjoying it as much as possible !

Here are today’s food choices:

For breakfast , an egg sammie and a banana ……….. for whatever reason it tasted especially good ! I was starving this morning after my workout !

Work today was crazy busy. I had an apple and a granola bar. That held me until lunch because I was way too busy to even think about if I was hungry or not ! ( a good thing I guess)

For lunch I had some granola in Greek yogurt, and a nectarine.

Dinner was a HUGE veggie salad with a chicken breast, some sunflower seeds, sesame sticks, and reduced fat cheese.

I was really low on calories today ( making up a little for the cake splurge yesterday) so I had this concoction …… DC cake, FF frozen yogurt , lite chocolate syrup , and whipped cream. A dark chocolate kiss instead of a cherry !
Shred Update :

Day #3 / Level 1 : complete , along with 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill !
I know it is probably my imagination , but I sweat I FEEL leaner ! I know, it has just been 3 days , but I can feel my body responding and even if it isn’t , this illusion is keeping me extra motivated !!!!!
Onward fellow Shredders !!!!!!!!

4 Responses to “Freedom Is Just A Day Away !!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. destinationathlete said

    Great job on getting the Shred in! My legs (quads) are definitely telling the additional work…hopefully that means a few extra pounds are going BUH-BYE!

  2. Syl said

    I'm feeling lighter and tighter Susan you are not alone! But then again it could just be in my head! I guess I'll find out in a few more days!

    have a great weekend, i know how much you look forward to them!

  3. Melissa said

    Love, love, love the sprinkles!!

  4. Missy said

    Your desserts always look so good! YUM!

    Have a great weekend – M.

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