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Uknown Food Day

Posted by Susan on September 6, 2009

I slept in this morning ……. Until after 8:00 ! It felt sooooooo good ! When I finally dragged my butt out of bed , I got ready to get my shred workout in for the day. I was NOT in the mood at all ! But I did it anyway !

After making good on my Shred commitment , I had some breakfast . I am keeping it light this morning because I have an unknown food day ahead of me today. My mother in law is having a little get together today for all the August birthday’s in the family. I have no clue what she will be serving so I am preparing myself for anything !

I had an egg with reduced fat cheese on a whole wheat sandwich thin, and some grapes.

I was asked to make brownies for the little party today, so I was up at 10:00 last night baking them ! This side of the family calls me the “Brownie Queen”. They are just the box kind , but I always frost them with chocolate fudge icing …….. that must be why they seem so special to everyone. I will be eating one myself ! I think they are pretty awesome too !

I am working on something special that I will share with everyone either Tues. or Wed. , depending on how much I am able to get done with the remainder of the time I have this weekend ! I am very excited about it and can’t wait to share it with everyone ! So stay tuned !

Shred Update :

Day 7 / Level 1 : Complete ! ( no intervals today , it is my “Rest Day” )

6 Responses to “Uknown Food Day”

  1. Rebecca said

    sounds like you have had a great weekend!

    cant wait to hear about your after results from the Shred!

    i plan on doing it in November, get buff for the Holiday season so that it will hopefully prevent me from OVER-indulging during December!

  2. Fat[free]Me said

    Well done on your workout and oooh, tease – looking forward to your announcement!

  3. Syl said

    can't wait to see what your surprise is susan, knowing you it's gonna bet great 🙂

    have a great Sunday!

  4. Bare It All said

    Nice work on the Shred! I bet it's feeling easier each day…almost on to level 2.

    My mouth just started watering when you described those brownies. Yum. Have fun.

  5. Keeven said

    Something special!? Can't wait! Stay great!

  6. cilla said

    hope u have a nice time, look forward too your surprise 🙂

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