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30 Day Shred : Day 10 Already ???

Posted by Susan on September 11, 2009

We did it !!!! we made it to Day 10 ! It went by pretty quick didn’t it? Here are my progress pics:

Level 1 / Day 1



Level 1 / Day 10

Measurements :

Starting :

Waist : 29″

Chest : 33.5″

Hips : 34.5″

Thighs : 19″

Arms : 10″


Day 10 :

Waist :  27″

Chest : 33″

Hips : 34.5″

Thigh : 15.5″

Arm :9.5 “

Honestly , I don’t see much difference in the pictures. If anything the day 1 pic looks better because it was first thing in the morning before I ate anything. Today’s updated pic was taken after I just ate dinner……dessert and all ! I did lose some inches though, everywhere but my hips. I lost 2 lbs. too. I think I lost weight because my body is accustom to circuit training with weights , I’ve been doing similar workouts since January. I think those of you who haven’t seen it on the scale yet, will before long. Your bodies are just adjusting to the new exercises you’ve introduced it to.

I am excited and nervous about tomorrow. Level 2 looks rough. Hopefully once I get the moves down it will become easier each day ! Can’t wait to see everyone’s progress ! I haven’t done many blog challenges, but I must say this is a lot of fun ! It keeps me motivated and accountable, and I must admit , I have a little bit of a competitive spirit …….. Thanks Syl for getting us all in on this!

Today I did pretty well with my new routine ! I got up , did my planned workout , and got all of my before work done and arrived at my real job early ! Maybe this new routine will be easier to get used to than I thought !

I have to apologize ahead of time for my food. I think this month will be more about convenience than creativity! There will be a LOT of repetition ! Sorry ! Here is what I had today …………….









OK, told you so ! Same old thing….I haven’t got the time or the energy to mix it up very much, at least not this week !

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday ! Matt and I are going to the mall tomorrow night !! I am really excited ! I am ready to Shop !!!!!  I will be posting a little fashion show if I find anything good ! We are also going out to eat afterward, so maybe I will have something interesting to post food-wise !

Good Luck to everyone tomorrow on Day 1 of The Shred Level 2 ! I will be sweating my butt off bright and early !


5 Responses to “30 Day Shred : Day 10 Already ???”

  1. syl said

    AWESOME work Susan!!!!!! I’m so happy for you but I just gotta say, I’m not sure there is anything left to shred on that tiny body of yours 🙂

    Have fun with hubby tomorrow, I hope you are able to find some nice stuff for yourself, if anything it always makes me feel great about myself to have stuff that fits and looks good!

    I did level 2 this morning, it was tougher than I remember, boy was I sweating!

  2. Janet said

    You look fantastic in both pictures! And never apologize for your food… you’re eating it for yourself, not us! But I do love seeing the pics….the only thing is, I’m always seeing things on people blogs that I can’t buy in Canada (grrrr)… when I go crossborder shopping, the first place I head is to the grocery story (my friends think I’m nuts)…

  3. I agree… you look fantastic!

    and wow…you lost some awesome inches!!!

    hey…did you get my email? i had a question for you!

  4. Melissa said

    That is awesome! Look at you with the inches lost! Woo Hoo!!

  5. Tiffany said

    Wow! You did Fantastic. And I can totally see it in your lower body. But, you certainly don’t need to lose anymore. You are perfect just as you are.

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