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Sleep Glorious Sleep !

Posted by Susan on September 12, 2009

That is how I spent the better part of my morning ! I got up at 5:00am to run over to feed and let out the dogs, then came home and went back to bed ! I slept till 10 :30 , that is  late for me ! I feel a little blah today, sometimes when I am tired and sleep too much I feel like this, hung over sort of . Oh well tonight I will try to make it to bed at a decent hour !

I did go shopping last night. I got a few cute things, but I will wait until Monday to post my little fashion show. I didn’t have my  sister with me this time, and Matt, as wonderful as he is , is not one of those guys who has an eye for what looks good, so he wasn’t much help. I got a few nice things though. I even got a new bag , and some new shoes ! I tried to buy basics, nothing ultra trendy , because I don’t have a lot of money to buy clothes, and I need to replace an entire wardrobe ! I need to buy things I can wear year after year.

Shred Update: I did Day 1 of Level 2 and although it was tougher than Level 1 , I loved it ! It was challenging without being impossible. I am a big fan of circuit training anyway, I’ve been doing it since January and I feel like for me, it works best. I like quick , no nonsense, kick ass workouts and this DVD is right on the mark ! I get bored easily, so traditional weight lifting, and steady state cardio are not a good fit for me.

I haven’t done today’s session of , but as soon as I am done with this post I plan on getting right on it. I hate having the knowledge I need to workout hanging over my head, this is why I usually get it done first thing in the morning ……… today is not a typical day for me. I am hoping that in doing the workout, it will give me an energy burst, because right now I feel like dirt ! Sometimes too much sleep is just as bad for the body as not enough !

The plan last night was to go shopping and then go out to eat. By the time we were ready to eat it was already after 9:00 , and we just wanted to go home so we decided to stop at Mc Donald’s. Now I hardly ever eat there , I think the last time was sometime in June and before that I have no idea it was so long ! I love the stuff, I’m not going to lie, but I try to steer clear if possible. I just decided to go for it last night. I was low on my calories for the day, and eating it once in a while is no big deal.


What I didn’t know, since I haven’t eaten Mc D’s in so long, was that they now post nutritional information on all of the sandwich wrappers and french fries containers.

IMG_0015 I had a regular hamburger with  small fries. It turned out to be a less than 500 calorie meal. Now of course I could have eaten a lot healthier if I had made it myself, or if I searched for a place to eat that offered healthier options , but I was in a pinch and I made the best of the situation. I don’t think I did half  bad either !

I am so out of sync today my meals have been totally off schedule. I am not particularly hungry either.



I have no ideas for dinner tonight. My husband got Beatles Rock Band this week and is having some people over to play. I am not sure if I am participating or not. We have a finished basement in our house, and it contains a family room and another bedroom (my home gym) as well as a storage room and a laundry room. The family room is what we call “The Man Room”. He keeps all of his vidoe games, DVD’s and comic book art down there. I am not allowed to complain about how he keeps it (it is a mess). It is HIS space.



This is where the Rock Band festivities will be tonight. I will have the whole upstairs to myself. I will wander down to say hi and watch for a little while, but I think my night will be spent in bed with a good book !

OK, I am off to Shred and do 20 min. HIIT before this day gets away from me ! Have a great Saturday !


Note to Self :  Your body does NOT like afternoon workouts !!! AT ALL !

My body totally rebelled during this afternoon’s Shred session ! My balence was off, my coordination was off, and I just could not find my groove !

I guess this is proof that I am an AM workout girl ! I will make an extra effort to make time, no matter what the circumstances my be, to get allworking out done first thing.

Having my body angry at me, and fighting me every step of the way is HELL!


One Response to “Sleep Glorious Sleep !”

  1. Melissa said

    Congrats on starting Week 2!! I got through day 9 of week 1 and then lost my workout room at work. I need to bring that DVD home and work on it here I guess. After I am done with C25K I think I’m going to begin Shred.

    I’m so envious of the sleeping late!!!

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