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Better Late Than Never

Posted by Susan on September 19, 2009

OK, I am finally posting pictures of the new clothes I bought last week. Keep in mind that I have literally NO CLOTHES ! In April of this year I went through everything I owned and threw out whatever didn’t fit. Turns out that it was everything ! When I began this journey I was a size 16, a tight 16 going on 18. I am now a size 6, and when I did this major closet clean out I was a size 8. The clean out was half celebration and half promise, that I would never EVER got back again to the way I was.

So since I have nothing, and I don’t have a ton of money to replace everything …… I am buying only basics for now. Things that I can wear year after year . I thought I bought so much until I actually tried them on ! It is a pretty boring start to a wardrobe, but at least it is a start ! I wear scubs everyday to work so I have no real need at the moment for anything other than casual clothes, at least for now.

These clothes are nothing exciting , and I am not 100% happy with how the pictures came out ……. but I am posting them anyway………. what the hey !


The “cowgirl” look. I love this blouse. It is sort of a feminine take on a guys shirt. I am also sporting my new boots. I am don’t think I am going to wear this as an outfit, but I thought it was a cute picture , for fashion show purposes.


The little argyle sweater …cute. I don’t think I would wear it with the black camisole, but you get the general idea.


I got three long sleeved T shits ……. a dark gray one………………


And a Black one …………………………………………………………


And a wheat colored one. Nothing so exciting, but they will get me through the fall anyway !


This is kind of exciting. My sister bought me this coat 5 years ago for my 40th birthday ….it was too tight , but I wouldn’t let her bring it back because I vowed I would fit into it ! It fits !!!!!! I bought this cute scarf to go with it.


I also bought this one .

That’s it ! Notice that my face is not shown in any of these pictures . I looked like crap today so I had the Hubs take them headless ! Here are some of the pics he took while he was waiting for me to change outfits !




The entire family came to watch me try on my clothes ……….. Zoey decided to watch from her comfy bed in her crate !

So that’s it ! My exciting  (not really) loot !

I got my Shred in this morning …no alarm clock mishaps , thankfully ! I can’t beleive Monday we begin Level 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am kind of afraid of Level 3 . I am still not used to Level 2 !

I hope everyone has a peaceful, and relaxing weekend ! That is my goal .


4 Responses to “Better Late Than Never”

  1. Missy said

    Such cute clothes! And holy moly you are teeny tiny!!! I want to look like you so I’ll keep working it and eating right. Way to motivate!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. syl said

    Stunning as usual!

  3. syl said

    hi Susan,
    I don’t mean any disrespect to those who like level 2 and find it challenging. To me I just don’t feel that I can accomplish it to my full potential because my arms have always been a sore point. I find that I am not doing the moves like I should and although I find level 3 a real challenge I feel so much more accomplished when I’m finished that’s why I moved on. I remember when I did the 30 days last time I hated level 2 the most as well, can’t really put it into any specifics just to say that I prefer level 3, it’s very hard and very challenging and I feel so great once I’m finished. hope that answers your question 🙂

  4. Tiffany said


    You look FANTASTIC in all of those clothes. My goal is to get to size 6. I hope I can look half as good as you do when I get there.

    Good purchases. Now that you are at your goal weight, you can slowly build your wardrobe back up.

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