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Day 20 : Shred Update

Posted by Susan on September 20, 2009

I can’t believe we are already in the home stretch of our 30 Day Shred Challenge ! It went a lot quicker than I thought it would. Level 2 , for me was tough ! The circuits are super challenging , and I could feel my heart pounding, or as Jillian would say , I was “gargling my heart !”

But ….. I made it (minus one day 😦 ) and lived to tell about it ! I’ve had this DVD since it came out , I pre-ordered it from Amazon before it even came out . I never used it until Syl posed this challenge. I am so glad that she did too ! This challenge has been a blast ! It is so much more fun doing something and knowing that others are trudging through it day after day with you !

Here are my Progress Pictures :



  • Waist : 29 “
  • Chest : 33.5″
  • Hips : 34.5″
  • Thigh : 19″
  • Arm : 10″

DAY 10 / LEVEL 1 :


  • Waist : 27″
  • Chest : 33″
  • Hips : 34.5″
  • Thigh : 18.5″
  • Arm : 9.5″

DAY 20 / LEVEL 2 :


  • Waist : 25.75″
  • Chest : 32″
  • Hips : 32.5″
  • Thigh : 17.75″
  • Arms : 9″

I really see no difference in the pictures, they may as well be  all the same picture ! The measurements are interesting though.  I’ve lost a few just about everywhere, and I can feel it in my clothes. My weight as pretty much stayed steady . I am a little on the low side (138 lbs. this morning ) but I attribute that to the busy schedule I’ve had since this Challenge began . For some reason I am just not in the mood to eat . (imagine that ! ) I am sure my usual appetite will return once my life gets back to normal.

Yesterday was extremely productive . I got up at 5:00 am , per usual to get the dogs settled (house sitting ) . I came home and did the Shred, and then crawled back into bed until 10 am ! Once I got up and ate breakfast it was 11-ish and I pretty much figured the day was shot. I knew I needed to start laundry and change the sheets , so I did that and got a super burst of energy ! I ended up cleaning the entire house !!! Plus we ran some errands , and I did 4 loads of wash, ran the dishwasher all before I went to take care of the dogs again at 3:30 !!!

I had a nice relaxing night last night in my clean house ! Not that I lasted long . I was nodding off by 9:00 . Oh well ! This is my last week of this crazy routine . After that it is one more work week and I have an entire week off to reincorporate from my crazy September !!!! I am so looking forward to not living by the clock for an entire week !

I can’t wait to see all the Shred result and I am excited , yet a little anxious  about beginning Level 3 tomorrow morning . I wish us all luck !

Have a great Sunday !


8 Responses to “Day 20 : Shred Update”

  1. syl said

    great results my friend, you are going to LOVE level 3 !

  2. Heidi said

    I just realized today that when you switched over to wordpress I lost you on my blogroll. I had been wondering why you hadn’t posted in so long. Glad to have “found” you again.

    And WOW, amazing results you’re getting from the Shred. I do mine tomorrow and I am pretty darn sure there has been absolutely no change this time which is quite disappointing. I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

  3. Kerry said

    me too….was wondering where your posts were. Can I just say….you look SMOKIN!!! Holy crap. Way to go. You freaking look incredible.

  4. cibdie said

    I need to apologize to you. I forgot that you had moved to wordpress and this whole time I just figured you were saving your results for a big surprise at the end of the month. So sorry about that!
    Ok first of all you can totally see a difference in your pictures! Check out those abs baby! And I love all the new outfits as well as the new shoes. Those boots are hot! Love the bag and jewelry too. Shopping must be so fun for you now.
    Its good to catch up again,
    Missed ya.

  5. Tiffany said

    Fantastic results! You’re doing really well. To me you look amazing in all three pictures. The inches don’t lie.

    Can’t wait to see what the last 10 days bring.

  6. Janet said

    I have to be honest, I’m not sure I know exactly what “shred” is… but no worries, I’m off to Google it! 🙂 You are right, the pictures don’t show a ton of difference, but the measuring tape doesn’t lie! You are obviously toning up!! Loved the pics of your new cloths yesterday… isn’t it just great fun shopping for clothes when everything fits like it should??

  7. Missy said

    You’re doing great! You look amazing. On to level 3!

  8. those measurements are wow!

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