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Question ……………..

Posted by Susan on September 23, 2009

Do you know anyone like this ? Someone who is constantly looking for shortcuts to weight loss, insisting the exercise makes them fat, and always taking fat burners any other magic weight loss potion that comes on the market?

I know someone like this. Today I was listening in to a conversation about Weight Watcher’s points that blew me away. I’ve never done Weight Watchers, so I am putting this question out there because a lot of you do and may know the answer .

This nameless person was explaining that she can eat an entire box of WW Brownies and if she adds fiber (this consisted of a bowl of broccoli slaw with a pile of Fiber One cereal poured on top ! Ick !) it cancels out the points she ate when she consumed the brownies ……. something doesn’t sound right about that . She said to just look at the formula ….I suppose she was referring to the point’s formula.

The whole idea doesn’t sound logical to me ……. and I guess she does this all the time with all kinds of fattening foods.

Maybe she’s right, and that is why I am asking.

This same person insists that those new “rocker ” sneakers  from sketcher are a great way to replace a cardio workout …….. Hmmmm …… That doesn’t seem right either.

Either she is a genius and I am a sucker who has been wasting her time working her ass off to get where she is …… or she has her facts wrong !

What is your opinion? Can a pair of sneakers worn casually all day take the place of a workout ? Does eating loads of fiber allow you to eat crap and the crap doesn’t count ? Have we all been Shredding and tracking calories (or points) for no good reason ?

NOTE : This post was written in sarcasm ……..but I would love to know what the answer as as far as the WW point formula goes !

10 Responses to “Question ……………..”

  1. syl said

    either way it still will have calories no matter how much fibre she adds because WW caps their fibre at 4g, so when figuring the points values you can only add up to 4g of fibre.

    this person is full of SHIT! She’s fooling herself…and will not win in the end.

    I found WW hard because if I had a number of points left in a day I thought it was license to eat crap. i believe this is what she may be doing “trying to get around things”

    you have worked your ASS off Susan, keep doing what you are doing because it’s obviously working!


  2. syl said

    oh and where do I get me a pair of those shoes? Skip the useless kick ass workouts we’ve been doing and all the fighting we have been doing day in and day out, we can just get ourselves a pair of shoes….WHAT THE HELL ARE WE THINKING???

  3. Tiffany said

    Wow, who knew that’s all it took. 😛

    I assure you that she is wrong. Adding the fibre, may lower the total points count, but not by a huge amount.

    Just when you think you’ve heard it all. 🙂

  4. Janet said

    I would have said… “Wow! Really? Thanks for the tip! so… do you mind me asking, how much weight you’ve lost?”…. because I bet the answer is ZERO….

    I can’t say that I know somebody this extreme, but since I’ve lost weight myself, people comment to me on their own efforts to lose weight all the time…. and sometimes, the things they say that are doing don’t sound right to me…. (e.g. I was out for a business lunch the other week and one of our VPs ordered a HUGE Crispy Chicken Spinach Salad, with a creamy poppy seed dressing and almost a full block of pecan crusted goat cheese, bacon, and crispy chicken on top… and he leans towards me and says – I’m eating salads all the time because I am trying to drop a few pounds – and he pats his belly)…. I try to keep my mouth shut!!

  5. Missy said

    I don’t know about the points formula – but I do know you aren’t going to get healthy eating like that and not exercising. I have a friend who is the same way – always wants the quick fix rather than the hard work to change your lifestyle. And she always mad when she gains the weight right back…

  6. thats the one thing I HATE about WW.

    i think WW can be a huge draw to “dieters”. We get a set Points to use daily and then are sorta told to go out and use them.

    Sure, they have GoodHealthyGuidelines you are supposed to follow (such as 4 or 5 servings of Veggies, 2 servings of oil and dairy, 8 glasses of water) but I would love to poll the WW Boards and see how many people actually get them in!

    Typical questions are: What’s your favorite 100 calorie snackpack!? Shuold I count my veggies? Veggies, not including starchy ones, are 0 points. Seriously…which one of us got fat off of eating too many cucumber slices!?

    i feel for you susan… i cant stand that chatter!

  7. Heidi said

    HAHA, yup, heard it all. I’m a big fan of WW’s. I think it’s a good, reasonable program. BUT … it can be tweaked in rather unhealthy ways. The idea is supposed to be that foods higher in fibre fill you up and help move food through your system – which is all good. But there are morons … I mean people … who do some really crazy stuff to up the fibre in their foods just so that they can eat a bit more.

    To me it’s more about choosing whole grain, high fibre pasta/bread/cereal over something less nutritious. The idea of adding broccoli slaw and fibre one to brownies just sounds plain gross.

    The other day I saw an ad for Splenda with added fibre. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture????

    I personally see a big trend among weight watchers (specifically in the meeting I attend, but also online) to consuming large amounts of foods containing artificial sweeteners. Because getting rid of the sugar in some foods lowers the calories substantially. So alot of people end up filling up on a bunch of junk food with artificial sweetener in it because it fits into their point allowance. I’m disgusted by the stuff so I just cut way down on sweets. If I’m going to have something make it the real thing and just have less of it.

    Oh, and those shows … I’ve seen them advertised in the WW’s magazines. Sure maybe they burn a few more calories, but to me that’s just for people who are too lazy to do real exercise. I mean … how hard is it to get out for a walk. Way more enjoyable, probably burns more calories, and yeah, those shoes are UGLY!

    Frustrating isn’t it. You just want to grab people like that by the shoulders and give them a good hard shake!

  8. Katie said

    I’m with you all on this one! If it were that easy then none of us would be in the predicament we are in. I can’t stand people that are always trying to take the easy way out of things. You might as well not even try…

    p.s: the rocker sneakers are hideous.. I can’t believe people would fall for something such as that.

    Oh how I wish it were that simple :]

    Hope you’re having a great day! -Katie

  9. Katie said

    p.s: thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :]

  10. Melissa said

    Huge WW fan here, but I agree that she is full of crap (or probably not after eating all of that fiber).
    If you are looking for ways to cheat the system, the only person you cheat is yourself.
    I think you have to take WW and fit it into your changed habits, but enough of that.
    Those shoes are hideous, but my mom desperately wants a pair, so I will probably buy her some. I can’t image walking around in those ugly things!

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