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It’s Almost Over !

Posted by Susan on September 26, 2009

I am extremely happy to report that I almost have my life back ! Boy have I missed it ! As much as I enjoy doing my September house/pet sitting gig, I am always relieved when it is over and I am finally free !

I am proud of myself this year. I didn’t allow the stress of a new routine and extra early mornings to interfere with my workout schedule or my tracking/food intake. I participated in the September Shred Challenge , and did it every day no matter how tired or low energy I felt ( except of course that horrible day I forgot to set the alarm !) .

It feels really good to know that I’ve made this way of life my priority, and I was able to be consistent even when time was short !

The things that lacked during this month of craziness were sleep ( I like getting those 7-8 hours in a night !) and water ! For whatever reason, I just wasn’t in the mood to drink my usual 16-24 oz. It was weird. I have been drinking that much water every day for years, but this month I just could NOT choke it down !

My green tea intake suffered as well. I just never had time to drink it. Even on weekends ( I always drink tons of it on weekends). I was always too busy playing catch-up on all my house chores on Saturdays and Sundays. I would end up making a cup in the morning, forgetting about it, then re-heating it like 10 times until I would finally forget it completely in the microwave and finding it at dinner time when I went to heat up dinner !

All in all , though, I think I did pretty good ! Nothing ever goes perfectly when you’re juggeling time, so I think I did pretty well going with the flow ( not a talent of mine) and prioritizing what was most important !

Now I have one more work-week a head of me and I am off for an entire week ! I can’t wait to sleep as late as I want and not spend my time watching the clock ! What a relief that will be !

Today we are going on a trail bike ride with my niece and to hit the over stock stores and see what bargains we can find ! I love doing that more than just about anything. I need to replenish my stock of cereal and other things I need to make my weeks menus.

Then I have a trip to take care of the dogs tonight, one tomorrow morning, and one last visit tomorrow  afternoon to make sure everything is perfect for the World Travelers when they arrive home at 7 pm tomorrow night !

One Response to “It’s Almost Over !”

  1. Tiffany said

    Sounds like you’ve been one busy gal this month. Good for you for not letting the stress trigger bad habits. I think this month has shown just how well you are succeeding.

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