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A New Week Begins

Posted by Susan on September 28, 2009

It was so nice to sleep in this morning ! Last night was an early night at our house. Both my husband and I were in bed by 7:00 pm ……… The house was dark and everyone , including the animals, were fast asleep by 7:25 ! My husband is usually a night owl so this was a first in my house ! Needless to say I was feeling rested when I got up this morning to Shred.

I think today was the first day Level 1 actually felt somewhat easy. I guess I am finally getting the hang of it . (it figures it would happen now, with only 3 days left !) My 30 days end on Thursday because I missed a day. I plan on taking a rest day on Friday. I think I (we) deserve one after a 30 day workout stint.

I’ve been promising the girls I work with that I would make Magic Cookie Bars for them for months now. The ingredients are expensive, and I try to keep to a budget most weeks when it comes to food shopping. This week I found all the ingredients on sale at one of the over stock stores I go to, so I decided to make them for tomorrow.


I made half with nuts and half without ……. I hope they like them ! This is my first baking attempt for someone outside my family !

I decided to stay on the lighter side food-wise today because I feel like I ate too many sweets over the weekend. I plan on keeping it light all week because I know that I will be eating out a few times next week while I am home on vacation from work.


Before Shredding this morning I had a banana.


Before I left for work I has my version of an egg Mc Muffin. One egg with a sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar cheese, on a light whole grain English muffin.


For a morning snack I had a Fiber Plus Bar and an apple.


I had one of my favorite lunches today. Chobani Greek Yogurt with granola. I wasn’t too keen on Greek yogurt when I first tried it. When your used to the sugary stuff , it is really hard to get used to. It is alos a lot more expensive than regular yogurt. What I liked about it was that it kept me full for a long time. I search out sales for them, and try to eat them a few times a week now. This week I got them 10 for $10 , so I snapped them up !I could never eat regular yogurt as a meal, no matter how what I added to it.


For dinner I had a big veggie salad, with zucchini, broccoli, broccoli slaw, spring mix lettuce and baby spinach. I added a 4oz. chicken breast, some sunflower seeds, some sesame sticks, and some reduced fat cheese.

Believe it or not I am skipping dessert tonight. Yes you read that right , the Dessert Queen is taking a sweet break . I think I ate enough sugary treats this weekend. I figure a day off won’t hurt. I will be back to enjoying dessert  tomorrow  !

Off to bed to read and play catch up on some sleep ! 3 more Shred days to go !

6 Responses to “A New Week Begins”

  1. syl said

    I think the no dessert is a first my friend 🙂

  2. I used to be adddicted to sugar and now have chosen to skip desserts for life. Find solace in knowing that when you get to the point where sweets no longer has a place in your life, that you don’t miss anything, but gain sooo much.

  3. so…what’s in magic cookie bars?

    and i’m with you on the greek yogurt, took me a long time to really get into it but now that I am, I can’t stand eating ‘regular’ yogurt, it’s just too sweet!

  4. Janet said

    I’m pretty sure I’d pass out sometime mid afternoon if I ate just a yogurt and granola for lunch…. sometimes I feel like a downright glutton at lunch. I might even need to buy a bigger lunch bag soon, because sometimes it’s overflowing! LOL….

    I guess, as you said, the greek yogurt must be much more filling…. I’ve never seen chobani yogurts for sale in Canada though… 😦

  5. Missy said

    I have to give greek yogurt another try. I had it once and loved it but won’t ever splurge for it (it is always so much more expensive than regular yogurt). If it works for a meal than it’s worth it!

  6. Melissa said

    3 days left to go!! WOO HOO!!

    No dessert??!!??!! Are you sure you are okay? Just joking 🙂

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