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Candy Corn Is The Devil

Posted by Susan on September 29, 2009

The week is moving along nicely. All is smooth at work due to the absence of a disruptive co-worker (she is on vacation ) and I am so grateful for the peace. Work is as busy and as hectic as ever, just without the drama and chaos ! Oh if it could only last forever !

I did really well food-wise today until I hit a little bump in the road when I got home from work ! Take a look at my day ……..


Before Shredding this morning , I had a banana.


I had the best breakfast this morning. Kashi Apple Orchard Granola (another cheap find at BIG LOT”S ). It has dried apple chinks , pecans, raisins, flax seed, and spices .  I had 1/2 c. of it over plain oatmeal. It was filling and incredibly good ! I added a hard boiled egg for some protien and I was good to go.


For an AM snack while at work I had a Kashi Go Lean Crunchy Bar and an apple.


Lunch I kept light today. I knew I was going to end up having a Magic Cookie Bar, that I made for my co-workers so I cut back on the calories. I had a whole grain sandwich thin with a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese spread inside, and some Wheat Stix .


And then the very best part of lunch ! A Magic Cookie Bar ! My Mom made these for us growing up and I could never find a recipe. I finally found one last year (I googled it , Duh , right?) and have been making them for other people ever since. I don’t make them for myself because I can easily get carried away with these things , and my husband will not touch them ! They are made with condensed milk, coconut, chocolate chips, nuts on a graham cracker crust. They are literally to DIE for ! Some times I add chocolate chips AND butterscotch chips,  or chocolate chips and peanut butter chips, depends on my mood ! I had one, just one. They were a hit because there were only about 4 left out of the 2 dozen I made !

Here comes the bad part ……. I came home and was checking my email when I remembered these :IMG_0153

This cute little Halloween bowl sits near the computer. Every time my husband or I pass by it we take a few, and we take a few , and we take a few ……..This bowl was over flowing on Sunday night ……… I think this cute little bowl is a bad idea  ! Today I came home from work and took a few, and that few turned into a few handfuls. I made a deal with my husband that we will keep the bowl out of my sight , or quit filling it altogether. Thankfully, he is supportive and agreed ! Because of the Candy Corn incident… there will be no dessert tonight. I think I had two night’s worth dessert this afternoon .


Tonight was burger night. I had a turkey burger on a whole grain sandwich thin, some shoe string french fries, and a salad. As I said … dessert because of the Candy Corn incident . I have had more than enough sugar for one day !

I am done with all of my chores extra early tonight so I think I will do some reading and get to bed . Have a great Wednesday !

6 Responses to “Candy Corn Is The Devil”

  1. syl said

    if I ever ask for the recipe for your cookie bar – please say FORGET IT, NEVER, NO 🙂

  2. MizFit said

    candy corn is my ALBATROSS and seeming the one!big!october!treat! that groceries unload for us in AUGUST.

    le sigh 🙂

  3. Missy said

    YUM – those cookie bars look amazing!

  4. Melissa said

    Those bars look great. If you want to post a link to the recipe, please do. I need some bake sale ideas for my St. Jude’s fundraising.
    For me, it’s the sugar pumpkins (probably the same thing as candy corn honestly, just a different shape). I love those things.

  5. Heidi said

    I don’t even really like Candy Corn, but if it’s sitting around my hand will go into the jar MULTIPLE times!

  6. Janet said

    I’ve never tried Candy Corn before… maybe it’s best if I leave it that way! Sometimes ignorance is bliss…. 🙂

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