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I Love Jumping Jacks !

Posted by Susan on September 17, 2009

I know …… I am weird ! But I really do . I am really tired when I get up in the morning to Shred. ( which by the way I DID this morning !) Once I do the second set of jumping jacks in the warm up I can feel my blood pumping , and I feel the energy rising to the surface. I swear , jumping jacks get me through the rest of the Shred plus my HIIT afterward.

Today I did a little experiment. I wanted to figure out if the jumping jack phenomenon was just in my head ….or if there was really something to it. I usually start running out of gas around 11:30 am. I decided to find myself a quiet place, private place somewhere at work and bang out a few  jumping jacks and see what happened .

I went into one of the bigger bathrooms ( one person  , regular bathroom , no stalls ) and  started jumping away. I did about 30.

I definitely did feel better …..must be something about blood flow .  It took away that blah feeling and made getting through the rest of the day a  lot easier.

So that will be something new I will use to fight off that late morning fatigue. I know I sound like I am crazy …..but hey, whatever works !

As I mentioned I DID get up on time today and I DID do my Shred session ! To be honest, I am not particularly loving it while I am doing it …..but I do love how I feel after I’ve completed it ! I am most definitely addicted to working out at this point in my life.

A day without it just feels off to me.  I think a lot of it is mental. I like having the satisfaction of knowing that I did it. I feel accomplished before the day even begins, and I think that theme carries out throughout the day.  It feels good when you complete something.

Thankfully tomorrow is FRIDAY !!!!!!!! One more week of house sitting !  As much as I do enjoy doing it, I will be happy to get my life back !

I have my dinner all ready at home , so all I have to do is walk through the door and heat it up ! I have my stuff all ready in the bathroom for my shower, and I am hoping to get to bed good and early !

Tomorrow I will have time to do some better posting ! See you then !

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Ever Have A Day Like This ?

Posted by Susan on September 16, 2009

Last night I skipped my nightly blog so that I could get to bed really early ! I was exhausted yesterday, and was beginning to get a tickle in my throat , ( Danger ! Danger !) so I decided to get a good night’s sleep.

Great idea right ? I had dinner, cleaned the kitchen up and took a nice hot shower. I was in bed reading by 7:30 ….asleep 15 min. later !

Just one problem.  When I went to bed I forgot to set my alarm clock ! I woke up naturally at 1:30  am ……. I was so happy I had 30 more minutes to sleep. The next time I woke up it was 3:30 am……… I was late ! Big time!

I am very disappointed to say that I missed my Shed session thins morning ! I was more than disappointed actually , I was down right PISSED OFF !

I am one of those people who thrives on routine. I’ve been working out every week day morning now for almost 2 years ! It sets the tone for my day , helps me handle stress better and if I don’t do it I feel like dirt physically and mentally !

The day began on a sour note. Although I got some extra sleep, it was canceled out by the stress I felt from being off schedual. The day went down hill from there. Work situations , issues with co workers,  anything that could go wrong did !

Even my house sitting charge’s (dogs) misbehaved this morning ( and they never do that !)

I would love to get the Shred in when I get home tonight but there is no way that will be possible. So it looks like I will be tacking a day on the end of the month as well .

I am pretty bummed about that ….. I really wanted to be able to say I did the entire 30 days ! Not for any other reason but for myself. I wanted the personal knowledge that I committed to something and made it happen. Oh well ….. life happens sometimes and things are not always within my control.

I did do some thinking about things today. This is a rough month. I am asking a lot from myself , and I realize something has got to give ! I am not giving up the Shred /workouts, they are too necessary as I learned today …. my day stinks without them ! I can’t give up either job for obvious reasons, so I made a decision.

From now on I will be posting my blog posts from the computer at the home I am watching for the month. That means no photos Mon – Thurs. I only have the reminder of this week and next week and I am back to my old routine , so it isn’t that big of a deal.

That will enable me to go home from job #2 , have dinner , shower , and get to bed at a decent hour. I will still update my Shred progress each day, but I will leave the bigger posts for the end of the week.

This morning before I left for work I pre-set my alarm . I don’t ever want a mixed up , off schedule morning like this morning again !

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Not So Bad For A Monday !

Posted by Susan on September 15, 2009

As Monday’s go today was not so bad. I felt 100% better today for having gone to bed super early last night, and my workout this morning was great. It left me feeling energized instead of drained. Bonus !

I am still working out the kinks in my September routine, trying to figure in ways to save time where I can. I have to admit, it is a challenge, but I will figure it all out just in time for it to be over !

My food today was super simple, if not a little boring ……..


This was the best breakfast ever ! Plain oatmeal with Fiber One cereal add plus 1 T. of chocolate morsels, 1 T. coconut, and one T. chocolate peanut butter ….it was amazing ! The chocolate morsels melted into the warn oatmeal ! It was heaven . This picture doesn’t do it justice… I guess I will have to have it tomorrow so I can take a better photo ! 🙂


Morning snack, grapes and Wheat Stix.


Mid-morning … trusty apple !



Today’s lunch was a spinach salad with sunflower seeds and sesame sticks.


My favorite go-to dinner when I am in no mood to fuss……. a Quesadilla made with 2 tortillas , FF re fried beans , and reduced fat cheddar. It is quick, easy , and taste like your eating something bad, when your not !  I added a veggie salad to it.


Dessert, DC cake, with chocolate peanut butter frosting, 1 t. chocolate morsels , and a squirt of whipped cream.

I know I promised a little fashion show of all the goodies I bought this weekend , but unfortunately I haven’t got it in me today :(. On Friday I will post all of my goodies though ! It will give me an excuse to try them all on !


Until then, I will give you is a little peek at the cute shoes and things  I got !







Shred Update :

Day # 14 / Level 2 :  Complete !  plus 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill , and a whole lot of running my butt off at work all day !

I am off to bed my friends…… Sleep well !

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Ready For A New Week ?

Posted by Susan on September 13, 2009

I surely hope so ! Well it looks like ready or not it is coming anyway , right ? I am trying to streamline my routine a little. My biggest problem seems to be getting to bed on time ! I am used to 7:30 – 8 :00 bedtime , last week I was heading to bed closer to 10 ! That would be no big deal if I didn’t have to workout in the mornings ………… And I HAVE to ! I proved that to myself this weekend for sure !

This morning I got up at 5:00 to take care of the dog’s per usual , but instead of  going back to bed when I got home, I went straight downstairs and did my Shred session for today. (oh, then I went back to bed 🙂 ) I also got in 30 min. SS cardio on the spin bike.

Today’s session was sooooooo much better than yesterday’s ! I am an AM workout gal and that’s that ! I was back on my game , and the workout went much smoother…….yesterday I felt like my body was fighting me every step of the way ! Little aches and pains I’ve never experienced before, coordination and balance completely off. I was a mess.

The worst part was, I usually feel really good after it. I feel energized, my muscles tingle, my head is clear. Yesterday ….. not so much ! I felt drained and generally crappy ! I am so relieved that today felt back to normal.

On the agenda for tonight , I am going to bed as early as I can manage ! I promised myself that I will go to bed and read as soon as I have myself prepared for tomorrow. If not to sleep, than at least to read. (even if it is 6:00 pm) I have been exhausted all weekend, and that worries me. I’ve only had this job since Wednesday ……that makes only 3 work days. What shape will I be in this week when I am doing the 5 day week ? The last thing I need to get it sick during or after this month ! I have to make sure I eat well and sleep as much as I can.

Here is my food intake for today :


Breakfast was 2 eggs over easy with a sprinkle of reduced fat cheddar , and a sandwich thin with a smear of butter. I also had a banana.


For lunch I had a huge veggie salad, with sunflower seeds and sesame sticks.


I love these … frosted animal cookies ………..I had a serving for an after lunch treat.


I ran over to get the dogs settled for the night (house sitting) and while I was gone Matt made dinner. Tonight was burger night . I had a turkey burger on a whole grain sandwich thin , some oven fried potatoes, and a veggie salad.


And last but never least …. dessert. A slice of DC cake , 1/2 cup of FF Frozen Yogurt some lite chocolate syrup , and lite whip cream.

OK, Have a great Monday everyone …….. or at least the best one possible !

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Sleep Glorious Sleep !

Posted by Susan on September 12, 2009

That is how I spent the better part of my morning ! I got up at 5:00am to run over to feed and let out the dogs, then came home and went back to bed ! I slept till 10 :30 , that is  late for me ! I feel a little blah today, sometimes when I am tired and sleep too much I feel like this, hung over sort of . Oh well tonight I will try to make it to bed at a decent hour !

I did go shopping last night. I got a few cute things, but I will wait until Monday to post my little fashion show. I didn’t have my  sister with me this time, and Matt, as wonderful as he is , is not one of those guys who has an eye for what looks good, so he wasn’t much help. I got a few nice things though. I even got a new bag , and some new shoes ! I tried to buy basics, nothing ultra trendy , because I don’t have a lot of money to buy clothes, and I need to replace an entire wardrobe ! I need to buy things I can wear year after year.

Shred Update: I did Day 1 of Level 2 and although it was tougher than Level 1 , I loved it ! It was challenging without being impossible. I am a big fan of circuit training anyway, I’ve been doing it since January and I feel like for me, it works best. I like quick , no nonsense, kick ass workouts and this DVD is right on the mark ! I get bored easily, so traditional weight lifting, and steady state cardio are not a good fit for me.

I haven’t done today’s session of , but as soon as I am done with this post I plan on getting right on it. I hate having the knowledge I need to workout hanging over my head, this is why I usually get it done first thing in the morning ……… today is not a typical day for me. I am hoping that in doing the workout, it will give me an energy burst, because right now I feel like dirt ! Sometimes too much sleep is just as bad for the body as not enough !

The plan last night was to go shopping and then go out to eat. By the time we were ready to eat it was already after 9:00 , and we just wanted to go home so we decided to stop at Mc Donald’s. Now I hardly ever eat there , I think the last time was sometime in June and before that I have no idea it was so long ! I love the stuff, I’m not going to lie, but I try to steer clear if possible. I just decided to go for it last night. I was low on my calories for the day, and eating it once in a while is no big deal.


What I didn’t know, since I haven’t eaten Mc D’s in so long, was that they now post nutritional information on all of the sandwich wrappers and french fries containers.

IMG_0015 I had a regular hamburger with  small fries. It turned out to be a less than 500 calorie meal. Now of course I could have eaten a lot healthier if I had made it myself, or if I searched for a place to eat that offered healthier options , but I was in a pinch and I made the best of the situation. I don’t think I did half  bad either !

I am so out of sync today my meals have been totally off schedule. I am not particularly hungry either.



I have no ideas for dinner tonight. My husband got Beatles Rock Band this week and is having some people over to play. I am not sure if I am participating or not. We have a finished basement in our house, and it contains a family room and another bedroom (my home gym) as well as a storage room and a laundry room. The family room is what we call “The Man Room”. He keeps all of his vidoe games, DVD’s and comic book art down there. I am not allowed to complain about how he keeps it (it is a mess). It is HIS space.



This is where the Rock Band festivities will be tonight. I will have the whole upstairs to myself. I will wander down to say hi and watch for a little while, but I think my night will be spent in bed with a good book !

OK, I am off to Shred and do 20 min. HIIT before this day gets away from me ! Have a great Saturday !


Note to Self :  Your body does NOT like afternoon workouts !!! AT ALL !

My body totally rebelled during this afternoon’s Shred session ! My balence was off, my coordination was off, and I just could not find my groove !

I guess this is proof that I am an AM workout girl ! I will make an extra effort to make time, no matter what the circumstances my be, to get allworking out done first thing.

Having my body angry at me, and fighting me every step of the way is HELL!

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30 Day Shred : Day 10 Already ???

Posted by Susan on September 11, 2009

We did it !!!! we made it to Day 10 ! It went by pretty quick didn’t it? Here are my progress pics:

Level 1 / Day 1



Level 1 / Day 10

Measurements :

Starting :

Waist : 29″

Chest : 33.5″

Hips : 34.5″

Thighs : 19″

Arms : 10″


Day 10 :

Waist :  27″

Chest : 33″

Hips : 34.5″

Thigh : 15.5″

Arm :9.5 “

Honestly , I don’t see much difference in the pictures. If anything the day 1 pic looks better because it was first thing in the morning before I ate anything. Today’s updated pic was taken after I just ate dinner……dessert and all ! I did lose some inches though, everywhere but my hips. I lost 2 lbs. too. I think I lost weight because my body is accustom to circuit training with weights , I’ve been doing similar workouts since January. I think those of you who haven’t seen it on the scale yet, will before long. Your bodies are just adjusting to the new exercises you’ve introduced it to.

I am excited and nervous about tomorrow. Level 2 looks rough. Hopefully once I get the moves down it will become easier each day ! Can’t wait to see everyone’s progress ! I haven’t done many blog challenges, but I must say this is a lot of fun ! It keeps me motivated and accountable, and I must admit , I have a little bit of a competitive spirit …….. Thanks Syl for getting us all in on this!

Today I did pretty well with my new routine ! I got up , did my planned workout , and got all of my before work done and arrived at my real job early ! Maybe this new routine will be easier to get used to than I thought !

I have to apologize ahead of time for my food. I think this month will be more about convenience than creativity! There will be a LOT of repetition ! Sorry ! Here is what I had today …………….









OK, told you so ! Same old thing….I haven’t got the time or the energy to mix it up very much, at least not this week !

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday ! Matt and I are going to the mall tomorrow night !! I am really excited ! I am ready to Shop !!!!!  I will be posting a little fashion show if I find anything good ! We are also going out to eat afterward, so maybe I will have something interesting to post food-wise !

Good Luck to everyone tomorrow on Day 1 of The Shred Level 2 ! I will be sweating my butt off bright and early !

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Busy! Busy! Busy!

Posted by Susan on September 10, 2009

What a day ! It was busy both at work and after work . I started my house sitting gig today. I am one of those regimented  people , who likes routine and gets completely thrown off when my routine is interrupted. Getting myself acclimated to a new routine stresses me out  at first. I am feeling the a little crazed and off balance right now, but it will pass in a few days . The only good thing about my current state of mind is that eating is for some reason the last thing I am thinking about ! I had to force myself to eat dinner tonight because I just wanted to get myself together for tomorrow and go to bed !

The good news is, I got paid today for this job and I am excited about the possibilities extra money holds ! When I fit into a size 8 I went through all my clothes ( size 12-16 filled my closet and drawers) and got rid of close to everything ! My winter wardrobe is pretty much nil.  My plan for this money is clothes ! I am planning a big shopping trip in the very near future. Stay tuned !!!!!!!!!


Here are some pics of my home away from home for the next 3 weeks.


The yard is amazing ….this picture doesn’t do it justice.


Here are my charges ………………………………….







They are really cute and really good dogs. It is a simple job really. I’ve been doing it for 15 years ! I’ve seen many many member of this pet family come and go.  Quite a few cats to. But the last of the cat’s have passed on and were never replaced…… at least not yet ! This is a family of animal lovers, so you never know !

Here is a quick pass through my food for the day :









Level 1 / Day 9  : Complete ! Plus 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill

I can’t believe I am one day away from the start of Level 2. My first 10 days picture and measurements may be psted a little late ….but never fear , they will come as soon as I can get to it !!!!

OK , I am off to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow . I won’t say how early, because you guys will never believe me anyway ! I hope all of my fellow shredders are shredding it up and feel accomplished ! Till tomorrow ….

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Summer Is Over ………… At Least For Me !

Posted by Susan on September 8, 2009

This time of the year is bittersweet for me. Although it is the start of my favorite Season of the year , it is also the end of one of the best Summers I’ve had in a long time ! Oh well, There will be another one next year right ?

Tomorrow I start my annual September house/dog sitting job. I will be feeding and letting out dogs (3), taking in mail and newspapers, watering plants, and making sure everything runs smoothly until September 28th. It is an easy enough job , it will just take some juggling in order to keep my usual workout routine on track. I am sure I can do it, I just may have some off days until I get things established.

September for me is so busy, that whatever is left of summer is hardly noticed ! By the time my life get’s back to normal it is already October ! I’s OK though. I enjoy doing this job, and once I get my routine in place , it becomes easy. Plus the money is good ………. I need some Fall/Winter clothes !

Going Back to work today was not as painful as I thought it would be after three days of freedom . I was busy so it went by pretty quickly. At least this is just a four day work week ….. another weekend is right around the corner !



I couldn’t decide what I was in the mood for this morning. I finally decided on a toasted sandwich thin , topped with peanut butter, banana , and a light sprinkle of cinnamon /sugar. It was quick and easy and really good !


For a morning snack , I had an apple and some grapes.


At 11:30 I was literally running on empty , so I had some edamame.



I didn’t get to eat lunch until around 2:00 today. I packed light today because I had a pretty heavy food weekend. I had some Chobani yogurt, with granola . This yogurt is so filling, I love to eat it as a meal. It is totally different from the yogurt I am used to. Unfortunately is  really expensive. I got a really good deal on it last week.



I was in the mood for something really good tonight for dinner. I made tortelloni and added a 4 oz. chicken breast, some Olivia Spray , and FF parm. cheese. It was so good ! I ate light all day and was really wanting something that was warm and filling. This stiff  hit the spot. I also had a spinach salad with it, to add a veggie to the mix.



Last night I skipped dessert. Believe it or not , I was too stressed out and had a massive headache. This may have been the first time I’ve skipped it in over 6 months ! But never fear …….. I made up for it tonight ! I had 1/2 c. of FF Frozen Yogurt, lite chocolate syrup, and FF whipped cream ! Added to that I had 4 Dark Chocolate Kisses .

Shred Update :

Day # 8/ Level 1 : Complete plus 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill

I can’t believe how close we are to Level 2 ! I am excited to give it a go ! I am nervous too ……. it looks tough !

Now I am off to bed. Tomorrow is the start of a lot of early mornings ! Have a great night !

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Not As Easy As I Thought It Would Be…….

Posted by Susan on September 8, 2009

Today was a nightmare, It was a lesson in patients. This whole new blog thing was nothing like I expected, I’m quite obviously no techie. If it weren’t for my ever patient Husband I wouldn’t have gotten this far. Please forgive any future weirdness until I get used to this thing.

At this point my brain is pretty much fried, so this post will be short and sweet. Before I started all this madness this morning I got in my 7th day of the “30 Day Shred” After that I had breakfast,


I had the last of my favorite Kashi Coco Beach granola over oats with a spoonful of chocolate peanut butter and a bannana.



For lunch I had a quesadilla made with a tortilla and re fried beans and reduced fat cheddar, with that I had some grapes and some animal crackers.



For dinner I had A chicken breast with sauteed baby bell mushrooms, Kashi whole grain rice pilaf, and a spinach salad.

Right now I am off to bed with a massive headache from too much computer today, I want to thank my wonderful husband for taking dictation as I relaxed in his comfortable chair. Hopefully tomorrow I can look at this as a new adventure instead of a pain in my butt……..

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Surprise ! I’ve moved !

Posted by Susan on September 7, 2009

I wasn’t going to do this until tomorrow , but I am finally done after working on it for the entire weekend ! I have a new home here at WordPress and so far , I like it ! I hope everyone finds me , and that I’ve done everything right in redirecting.

More on my day later !

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