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I Finished The 30 Day Shred !

Posted by Susan on October 1, 2009

I am happy to report that I completed my last day (it was my makeup day for the day I missed) of the 30 Day Shred.  Hurray ! I did it ! It was not always easy, and not always fun, but I still did it! I will post my results on Saturday morning. I need my husband to help me with the pictures and the measurements, and I don’t think he will be at all happy if I wake him up tomorrow morning to do it. (he leaves for work much later than I do)

Anyway, I am feeling accomplished ! I would really love to be able to come on here and say I did ALL 30 days in a row , but an alarm mishap threw a wrench in that plan. Oh well, I did it and I made up for the missed day, I guess that’s all that matters.

I am finding something new about myself all the time. I never realized I had such a competitive streak in me. It is a competition with myself more than anything else. If I set a goal, I really want to achieve it . I really want to see it through so that I can tell myself that I did it! I was never into sports or anything when I was young, I never really put myself out there and pushed myself for something I wanted, just to say I did it. It’s a new side of myself that I am seeing for the first time. Kind of neat considering I am 45 years old. I would have thought I knew all there was to know about myself by this time …….. I guess I am still evolving.

I am thrilled that tomorrow is finally Friday ! My week off will begin at precisely 3:30 pm. I am excited! I decided to allow myself a rest day tomorrow, a reward for finishing The Shred. That means I get to wake up at 4 am tomorrow instead of my usual 3:00am. I plan on having a big breakfast and skipping lunch tomorrow. (12 hour fasting) because we are hosting a family game night with my side of the family. Pizza, and board games . Lot’s of fun ! I want to enjoy some pizza and some dessert with the rest of the crowd. (in moderation of course !)

Today was not bad in the food department ….although I did splurge a little , I am not starving like I was yesterday, but I am still wanting chocolate big time !


This morning for breakfast I had 2 hard boiled eggs, a raisin English Muffin and a banana.


My AM snack …… not much variety this week, an apple and a Fiber Plus Bar.


Around 11 I has some Wheat Stix.


Lunch , Chobani  Yogurt and granola ….this is my favorite lunch as I am sure you can tell.


See this little beauty? It is a Mint Fudge cookie. I usually pack these in my husband’s lunch. I decided to have one, and that one turned into 5. Yes 5 !!!!!!! Not good. I am just craving chocolate so much I could not resist .



Dinner, tonight was left over rice pilaf, a chicken breast , and a salad.


My husband brought me home dessert tonight…….he saw it and knew I would love it !


My favorite flavor combination ….peanut butter and chocolate. It was delicious ! It probably wasn’t a good idea having it after 5 cookies but, oh well.  I am entitled to some mess ups now and then. Like I always tell myself, It has been and could have been a whole lot worse ! At least I stopped at 5 cookies, there was a time when I would have eaten the entire box !!!!!

My workout plan for the next month is as follows : Rest day tomorrow, easy steady state cardio both Saturday and Sunday, then back to another circuit routine ( I change them up every 4 weeks and had one scheduled for September, but decided to do the Shred instead) and HIIT. I should be well rested and ready to begin a new program by Monday !


4 Responses to “I Finished The 30 Day Shred !”

  1. Heidi said

    Mmmm, that chocolate bar looks SOOO good. One of my favourite combinations as well. Enjoy your rest day tomorrow. You deserve it!

  2. Janet said

    Peanut butter and chocolate is my #1 favorite flavour combination too! It used to be all about sitting down with the jar of peanut butter, the bag of chocolate chips and a spoon, or dipping my Fudgeos into PB (never just one!) … but I have found ways to work PB and Choc into my life in a REASONABLE way… a tbsp of PB and a tbsp of brownie mix in my oatmeal… or a PB and fudge Vitatop…. a chocolate vitabrownie with a bit of PB2 drizzled on it, or fat free chocolate icecream with PB2 drizzled….hmmmm you get the idea!

    Hope you really enjoy your pizza tonight (I’m having pizza tonight too)… no fasting, but I’m going to try to get in a 10km run afterwork instead!!

  3. Missy said

    YEAH for finishing the Shred. You did it!! yahoo!

  4. Melissa said

    Congrats on finishing the Shred. I am starting Shred on October 18th. I’m writing it in my planner so that I HAVE to do it.

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