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The 30 Day Shred Results And Sunday Recap

Posted by Susan on October 5, 2009

Finally, the results from The 30 Day Shed September Challenge. Honestly I don’t see any difference except that my tan has faded ! 😦  Pictured here is Day #1 and Day #30 side by side :


Day 30 :

Waist : 26″ = -3″ Lost

Chest : 32″ = -1.5″ Lost

Hips: 33.75″ = -1.25″ Lost

Arm: 9.75″ : = .25 ” Lost

Thigh: 18.5 : =.5″ Lost

That makes 5.5 ” lost over my entire body. Not too bad I guess. I loved the DVD. It was fun and challenging. I would definitely do it again . I want to thank Syl for starting this challenge ! It was so much fun following everyone’s progress !!!!!

Last night Matt and I decided to have a nice dinner together. Since I eat differently from my husband, we rarely eat together. This is an event for us.


We cooked together. Pasta and meatballs, with Texas Toast.



Dinner was great, although I think I ate a little too much ! I am not used to eating like this anymore. But I did track all the calories.


Yum ! It was so good ! Not the way I would eat on a regular basis , but nice to indulge in once in a while. I used to eat this way a year ago just about every night ! Times have changed for the better as far as the way I eat, but I miss the dinners we had together most nights when I wasn’t being mindful of my intake.

After dinner we thought it would be fun to have a game night !


I kicked Matt’s Butt at Scrabble !



I beat him twice ! It was fun. We haven’t had a game night in ages. Always so busy with work and life. It was nice to relax and hangout together !

After a few games we had dessert !


Yes, that is real ice cream ! I haven’t had that is ages either !!! It was good but left me feeling really full. It is much richer than I am used to , but again , a nice change once in a while ! Last night was a heavy food night, but I am not stressing it ! I do it so seldom , and I tracked it all. If we ate out in a restaurant I wouldn’t have been able to weigh and measure exact portions and calories. Eating a more caloric meal at home is safer in that respect.

It was a really nice night of good food and great company ! A nice start to our week off together.

No big plans for this week. We are sort of playing it by ear , seeing what we feel like doing day to day ! My favorite kind of vacation !


8 Responses to “The 30 Day Shred Results And Sunday Recap”

  1. Janet said

    I totally agree with you that eating a bigger meal at home is much safer than at a restaurant, and I’ve thought the same thing before myself. It’s the UNKNOWN factor at a restaurant that can be scary, I’ve often said to my husband, it’s not that I MIND eating a little more, it’s just the NOT KNOWING how MUCH more I’ve eaten that really gets to me…

    Congrats again on the 30 day shred… those inches lost are impressive! Just goes to show that even if you are done losing weight, you can still make improvements and have goals…

  2. syl said

    that’s so great Susan, sometimes our lives get so busy we forget that we are friends with our husbands and it’s so great when you get an evening to spend quality time with each other, sounds like a great night!

    Congrats on the shred results. as always Susan, when I grow up i want your abs 🙂

    You rock girl!

  3. Missy said

    You see no difference!?!? Woman you are crazy!!! You look amazing – I definitely see a difference in your stomach. You went from amazing abs to rock-hard amazing abs. JEALOUS!

    Great job!

  4. Heidi said

    WOW are you ever toned Susan! So inspiring. Like Syl, when I grow up I wanna look like you – heeheee.

  5. i think the 30 day totally gave you rock hard abs… holy moly…watch out or TBL may recruit you!!!

    i hear you about dinner, I think this has been the hardest change. i cook for us, and used to do it almost 7 days a week.

    i got so burnt out since I also workout at night that just recently i will not cook Tues – Thurs. it took him a while to get used too but it’s ok. he can either eat a serving or two of the crockpot meal i make on the weekends or he can cook for himself!

  6. Kerry said

    Can I just say….YOU ARE FREAKIN’ HOT!!! Damn woman…you look amazing. You are in amazing shape! You already looked fab before you even started…way to go seriously! You should be blogging about how freaking awesome you are more often.

    Ps. Your date night was totally cute! I’m glad you guys had a good time!

  7. Laura said

    Congrats on the inches lost. I needed to read this today. I’m only on day 2 and it was great to come here and see the successful results of someone else!

  8. Melissa said

    What a great night!!
    I totally see a difference in the pictures especially in the waist area. You look GREAT!!!

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