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Taste’s Change

Posted by Susan on October 8, 2009

Another lazy day ! We went out this afternoon to pick up my paycheck , and then did a few errands, but that was about it. I got my workout in late today because I just didn’t feel like it this morning. My body usually responds better to workouts done first thing in the morning, but today was a cardio day , so I felt fine. I did 30 min. SS on the spin bike and a 30 min. resistance program on the elliptical.

As for food, I tried to keep things on the lighter side today in preparation for tomorrows doings :


My version of an Egg Mc Muffin : an egg , some reduced fat cheddar on an Emglish muffin with a banana for breakfast. This is my favorite quickie breakfast. I make the egg in the microwave so it takes less than a minute. It is perfect ! Quick, and satisfying.


For lunch today I had some Chobani Peach yogurt topped with a cup of Kashi Go Lean Crunch . I never get sick of this for lunch. ( I am sure you can tell !)



This was dinner. I can feel everyone cringing ! But hear me out ! I used to live on Hamburger Helper in my “past life”. My husband eats it all the time, but I never do. We found this new flavor ( Cheesy Hashbrowns ) and I just had to try it ! I substituted ground turkey for the hamburger ( much to my husband’s dismay, but I doubt he wold have known the difference if I hadn’t told him !) . It is surprisingly low in calories , but very high in sodium. It looked soooo good ! Unfortunately , I’ve lost my taste for this kind of processed crap and the taste was dissapointing ! I ate about a cup of it with a green salad. Right now it is sitting like a rock in my stomach. I’m glad I tried it though. At least I know that it isn’t for me anymore ! YUCK !

I am skipping dessert tonight. I am not hungry for it after eating the junky dinner tonight. Also as I mentioned, we have an outing planned for tomorrow ! THE BRONX ZOO !!!!!! I can’t wait ! We are taking my niece Katelynn and we are leaving really early tomorrow morning so we can spend the entire day there. That means an early wake up call for me tomorrow because I need to get my workout in before we leave !

We will be eating out at least twice tomorrow . I am ready to make some smart choices and still have fun. I am also packing waters and snacks (healthy ones for me!) so that I will not be tempted by goodies in the park ! I will recap the day in tomorrow’s post.

I hope everyone forgives my Hamburger Helper sin ! At least now I know….I ain’t missing a thing !


5 Responses to “Taste’s Change”

  1. MizFit said

    I loved the helper as a kid.


    and had to go back and recreate that memory as well a few years back when I “needed’ (wink) some comfort food.

    I have NO CLUE if my mom made it differently than the box says but HOLYWOW was it not as I remembered 🙂

    have a great time this weekend

  2. Beth said

    I can’t wait to hear how you handled food at the zoo! I think it’s great that the Hamburger Helper did not meet up to your expectations! To me that would be a real relief! One more junk food that you don’t need to waste time craving! Thank you for the note in my blog. What we tell ourselves is so important to our success, it’s just amazing. These days I’m hearing TWO voices. The one I traditionally hear is the one that says “if you’re hungry and can’t sleep, might as well give in now because eventually you’re going to. You always do.” Now there’s another voice alongside, saying, “NO. There is more than one way to handle night time hunger.”

  3. Janet said

    I secretly love some of those crappy, processed childhood favorites too…. Swanson Chicken Pot Pies…Manwich…Breaded Veal Cutlets with Lipton Fettucine Alfredo on the side…Frozen Fish Sticks and Fries….Frozen Pogos….Frozen Burritos… Pizza Pockets… vienna cocktail sausages….canned corned beef hash…JUST to name a few… LOL. The memory of those things is probably better than the reality though….

    Have fun at the Zoo… and enjoy your treats!

  4. Missy said

    It’s interesting to see how your taste changes over time. Glad you got to try it and see!

    Have fun at the zoo!

  5. Melissa said

    LOL!! You are the second blog this week that planned some Hamburger Helper for supper. Three Cheese was my fave. I wonderif I would still like it?

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