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Windy Wednesday !

Posted by Susan on October 8, 2009

We are already in the middle of our week of relaxation ! Time off goes by much faster than a work week ! The weather here today has been totally fall-like. The wind is crazy !

When we got up this morning we decided to go out for breakfast.


My sister raves about The American Pie Co. in Sherman , Connecticut. This morning we decided to try it for ourselves.


The bakery case looked amazing ! The whole place was very New England , the decor very country and quaint.


The selection for breakfast was amazing. There was even a ” Lighter Side” section with things other than eggs, pancakes, etc. They offered oatmeal with brown sugar and fruit, and homemade granola . I was thinking about having the whole omelet and home fries extravaganza but the light menu really intrigued me. I finally decided on this :




Looks decadent doesn’t it? I had a yogurt parfait . This was plain yogurt, with blueberries and homemade granola, with a half of a coffee cake bun. It was sooo good ! Like dessert ! The best part was , that when I was done with my meal I didn’t feel bloated and gross like I usually do after a big greasy breakfast out !


Matt has scrambled eggs , home fries and toast. I had a bite of his toast because the bread was fresh baked that morning and I couldn’t resist a taste ! What I really like about this place was that when they took Matt’s order , they asked him if he wanted potatoes or fruit……offering a healthy option along with a not  so healthy option ! I also appreciated a light menu section that offered things that were creative and healthy.

When we got home I was not so full that I felt like a needed to lay down. I had energy and was ready for a workout. I did my curcuit training and 20 min. of HIIT on the spin bike.

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. We hung out, I did some reading , and some organizing around the house. Mostly I just relaxed.


I wasn’t hungry again until around 1:00. I made a quesadillia  with fat free refried beans and reduced fat cheddar cheese.


Followed by something healthy , a banana.


Something not so healthy 3 Musketeer’s snack size bars. ………….


and a cup of green tea.

Around 3:00 I decided to workout again. I was beginning to get bored and that is always dangerous for me, so I figured , why not watch Oprah while I do some cardio.


I had some almonds for energy. I love these 100 calorie portions. I tend to over eat nuts , my “handful” get way out of hand !



For dinner I had some Couscous and a chicken breast (I make chicken breast for the week every Sunday so I don’t have to cook them every night) along with a veggie salad.

No dessert tonight , Matt and I are having a movie night …………………………………….


I am going to have some popcorn with my movie !

So far this week my food has been all over the place in comparison to the scheduled meals and snacks I eat on weeks that I work. But with the extra workouts everything seems to be evening out. I weighed myself this morning and I am still right on where I should be. I figure this week is a good test to see how my body reacts to occasional treats and eating at odd times. I am realizing that as long as I make sure the workouts get done, and a balance out fun foods with healthier choices I will be OK. It really is all about moderation. If I am having a treat, I don’t need to have huge amounts of that treat in order to be happy and feel satisfied.

This realization comes as a huge surprise to me. I would’ve never imagined that I would be happy with this way of life. I was so used to stuffing myself like it was the last time I was ever going to eat , all the while telling myself that I would start dieting again tomorrow, or Monday, or whatever . I like knowing that I can eat and enjoy anything I want, GUILT FREE, as long as I keep things in perspective. It really makes me believe that I can do this, that I can live this way forever. It’s a great feeling !


4 Responses to “Windy Wednesday !”

  1. syl said

    Is it wrong that I’m jealous that you weighed yourself 🙂
    Glad you are enjoying your vacation!

  2. Janet said

    Your breakfast looks great! I have to be honest though, Matt’s breakfast looked better… LOL! Sounds like you are having a great week. Just this morning, I was wishing for the weekend to get here, but when I read your post about your week going by too fast, I felt bad… I’ll stop wishing the week away, so yours will last longer… 🙂

  3. Melissa said

    That breakfast looks amazing!!
    I have also been trying to test things food and exercise wise and am finding that I can do the same as you…the occasional treat as long as I make up for it otherwise.
    I am also amazed that I like living like this. Strange isn’t it?

  4. Missy said

    Sounds like you’re having a great vacation and making really great choices! Good for you. Enjoy the rest of your time off.

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