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Surviving The Weekend

Posted by Susan on October 11, 2009

I read a lot of blogs , and one thing I notice is that most bloggers trying to lose weight face their biggest challenges on the weekends. Somehow, during my weight loss journey, I got through weekends unscathed and I thought I would write out a list of some of the strategies I used and still use to get through them without suffering regrets on Monday.

1. Get in workouts : I know, everyone works all week , in one capacity or another, and the weekends are a time to rest and relax. I get it ! But getting in a workout on the weekends helps  set the tone for the day. Even if it is just some easy cardio, or a walk outside, it really helps me stay on track. It kind of sets something off in my head that reminds me that , although it is the weekend …… I am still on program !

2. Plan out meals : On Friday nights I take a little time and plan out what I am eating for the next two days. I do it every morning on weekdays, so I try to keep up the momentum even on weekends. This way I have my calories laid out for the day, and I know exactly what I am eating and when. If I have errands to do, I pack my snacks and water, this way I don’t grab a soda and a candy bar ! If I have a social event planned that involves food, I try to find out what they are serving so I can plan my calories accordingly. If  finding out isn’t possible, I wing it …… eat everything I like , but only in small “tastes” and try to fill up on the better choices being offered.

3. Keep busy : This is something I swear by ! It really works ! Nothing leads to over eating like boredom ! If your house is anything like mine, there is always something that needs doing ! Cleaning, laundry, organizing, errands , yard work, even cooking for the week ahead (great for Sundays !) This has always been my life saver ! I try to fill my days up with so many things that I have to remind myself to eat ! This strategy is a win/win ! You not only don’t over eat, you end up with the cleanest , most organized house in town !!!!!! 🙂

4. Drink Green Tea : This stuff is great. Not only does it have great health benefits , it helps curb appetite.

5. Keep to a meal schedule as much as possible : This is tough sometimes, but if it is possible, it helps. I always found that I did so great during the week because I had a specific schedule . The minute I stopped thinking of the weekends as “special” , it became easier to stick to plan. If I treat Saturday and Sunday as just a regular day I am always better off.

6. Plan activities that are active and food-free : Take friends and family hiking or biking. Go bowling or to a batting cage.  Take your favorite kids to the play ground and play ! There are lots of fun active things to do that are not centered on food.  I try to suggest these activities when we are trying to think of things to do. Then I pack a picnic lunch , that way I know I am eating what I should. In this way I get in some activity and I don’t end up socializing over fatty food.

Now I know, everyone id different, and life always has a habit of getting in the way, but these are just some things that help me get through.

Now for my day ……  After this week of treats I decided that today I would get myself back on track ! I got up this morning ready to get back into eating good balanced meals. Last week I was really lax about tracking my food, so last night I wrote out what I would be eating today.


This morning when I got up I had a peanut butter , banana sandwich to get me through my workout. I decided last night that today’s worout would be payback for all of my sins yesterday ! I did a 30 min. resistance program on the elliptical, followed by a 57 min. spin circuit class.


Afterward , for breakfast I had some Chobani Peach Yogurt topped with a 1/2 c. of Go Lean Crunch.


For lunch I had some tuna salad in a wrap and some almonds.


Around 3pm , while we were running some errands I had a Go Lean Crunchy Bar and some green tea that I brought along.



For dinner I had a 4 oz. Chicken breast and a sweet potato, along with a green salad.


Dessert tonight …….. a slice of carrot cake that I split with the husband !  Yum !

This coming week I will be getting myself back to real life and back to my regular eating habits and tracking . As much fun this past week has been, I am happy to get back to the security of  my day to day life !


5 Responses to “Surviving The Weekend”

  1. syl said

    I have to say Susan, your approach is so simple yet so effective, if only all of us could do what you do with such success!

    Glad you are having a great week off and that you are back to normal, because I know how important balance is to you, i think you did fantastic while off, treated yourself, worked out, rested, spent time with family – true success!

  2. Hi Susan. Somehow I lost you over the past few weeks. I love this post and think I should try to be better about my planning on the weekends. Thank you!

    Oh and I’m over at now. That is probably why I lost you. I’m not the most knowledgeable about blogs and I changed my location! 🙂

  3. Wow those are such logical and sound tips! A little planning goes a long way..

  4. Missy said

    Thanks for the pointers. I still struggle so much with the weekends!

  5. Janet said

    I totally could have written that exact same list! I use the same strategies. Esp. the keeing busy (sometimes, my weekends are so busy, I actually eat LESS), whereas at work, at my desk, I always have one eye on the time, waiting for lunch… I also drink lots of green tea… and plan!

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