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Back To Work ……….

Posted by Susan on October 12, 2009

My first day back to work.  How was it ? A whole LOT of work ! I am the only one who has my position , so when I take time off, all the work that doesn’t get done in the week I am gone ……. is sitting there waiting for me when I get back ! I am so swamped in paper work and filing that I hardly made a dent in it , and I worked on it all day long ! Oh well , hopefully by Friday I will be caught up again !

Last night was almost impossible to sleep. My body is used to going to bed whenever. I got a few hours in, and got up bright and early and banged out a workout. I did my scheduled Circuit Training routine followed by 20 min. of HIIT on the treadmill.



It was FREEZING this morning , so I was in the mood for  nice hot breakfast. I had oatmeal with Go Lean Crunch and a T. of Dark Chocolate Dreams  PB. I also had a banana . Then I was off to work.


For my first morning snack I had an apple and some almonds.


For my second morning snack I had some of the Dark Chocolate Raisinets that I bought yesterday. The reason I eat two snacks in the morning is that I eat breakfast at 5:30 am , and I don’t get to lunch until 2:00 pm (or later sometimes !) I need the snacks in between because I run out of energy if I eat nothing between breakfast and lunch !



When lunchtime finally rolled around, I was starving ! I had my usual Chobani Yogurt ( I bought 10 of these because they were on sale, so I need to eat them before they go bad ! They are way too expensive and way too good to waste !) with 1 c. of Fiber One cereal. I discovered today that 1 c. is way too much ! I had more cereal than yogurt by the time I mixed it all up, and it sat like a rock in my stomach …. and not in a good way !  Next time I have this combination I will make it 1/2 c. of cereal.




Dinner tonight was delicious. A 4 0z. chicken breast (again, I buy whatever is on sale, and Target had chicken breasts , 10/ 4 0z. breasts for $5.00 , I bought a few bags and make them on Sunday and eat them all week) with couscous and a green salad with reduced fat cheese and a sprinkle of sunflower seeds. I love couscous !


For dessert tonight I had a piece of DC cake with a small scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream ( full fat ice cream) some chocolate syrup and a dollop of whipped cream. All of my little dessert concoctions are “tastes”. Enough to get my sweet craving satisfied. I have been working on eating treats, but in small portions so that I can eat what I want, and what I like without letting it trigger an all out free for all. I used to eat no treats because I didn’t think I could be satisfied with only a taste , but have found the opposite to be true. I find that I am less likely to binge on sweets if I allow them in controlled amounts.  Sometimes,  when we are out at birthday parties or any other social events that involve cake, I will just have a bite of my husband’s cake and leave it at that. I get to see what the cake tastes like, without actually having a piece. There are times when after tasting it , I find out it isn’t that good anyway….so I actually saved myself a waste of calories ! This approach works for me now, but probably would not have when I was in binge mode a few years back ! I am grateful to have gained a little bit more control over the past year.

Right now I think I will go to bed, since there is nothing on TV that I like , and since last night I didn’t get too much sleep ! Tomorrow is another day !


3 Responses to “Back To Work ……….”

  1. Melissa said

    I am back to work today also after some off time and I feel your pain. I wish I had a back up!!

  2. Missy said

    I have had to cut sweets out {temporarily} because I am definitely in binge mode. If I start I can’t stop. The dessert looks great though!

  3. It was so weird… I went to the apple orchard on sunday and with weigh-in on Monday I decided not to eat my donut that day but save it for the Monday to have with my coffee.

    I have been concerned that that one donut would unleash a beast but it didnt! I enjoyed it and have moved on.

    Amazing what time can do!

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