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Over Slept ! Again !

Posted by Susan on October 13, 2009

I can’t believe it ! I haven’t missed a scheduled workout since January of this year , and I’ve now missed one a month in the past 2 months ! What gives ?!

I have a ton of extra work on top of my usual work because of my week off last week. I was feeling a little like I was drowning in work yesterday , so I decided to get up a little earlier today  in order to get to work early and do some catching up. Last night I set the alarm for 15 min. earlier. What I forgot to do was set it ! I woke up an hour late this morning, and that meant no workout if I was going to get to work at my usual time ! Needless to say , it was not a good morning for me !

I spent most of the morning scolding myself mentally while I got ready to go ! I was almost to the point of panic ! Finally I calmed down and looked at things with a clear head. One day was not going to kill me ! It was not going to magically make me gain the weight back , and it was not going to make me lazy , and never workout again ! I am human and I made a mistake …. that’s all. I decided to do what I do when I mess up food-wise. I recognize that it is what it is ……. and forget it ! In the past I would have gone into the day with the mentality that all was lost, the day was ruined, may as well eat like crap on top of it all ! Not this time though. I made myself stop obsessing over the lost workout and move on ! I literally decided to forget it ever happened and move a head with the day , business as usual.

Here are my meals for today :


For breakfast I had a whole wheat English muffin topped with some banana and 2 T. of peanut butter.


My first morning snack was an apple , and a Special K cereal bar.


My second morning snack was a 100 calorie pack of almonds.


My lunch today was Chobani Honey Yogurt with 3/4 c. of puffed wheat cereal . A girl I work with is an aspiring baker. Her dream is to make a living from her baking, and let me tell you , she would be a millionaire because her baked goods are that good ! She made a special request for me and brought it in for lunch today . I was so excited , but decided to save it for tonight’s dessert after dinner instead of indulging in it with lunch !



Dinner tonight, a Quesadillia made with a wrap , fat free refried beans and 2 oz. of  chicken. When I went to make my salad for dinner tonight , I found my lettuce was slimy and inedible ! Bummer ! No veggies tonight ! I will have to stop on the way home from work tomorrow for something  ! I felt naked not having a salad  or some sort of vegetable with dinner ……. but I was NOT going out again tonight !



And now for the sweetest part of my day ! The Pumpkin Whoopie Pie !!!!!!!! It was utterly AMAZING! I truly have now words to describe how good this little beauty was ! Cream Cheese Frosting , sandwiched between two little pumpkin cakes ! Heaven ! I am so glad that I saved it ! It was the perfect ending to a not so perfect day !

I’ve already set my alarm for tomorrow morning ! I WILL be getting up to workout ! I am going to try to watch some TBL tonight, and get to bed !

I am sort of proud of myself for how I handled today . When my routine is interfered with in any way , I always automatically wrote off the entire day. Today I chose not to allow a little glitch dictate what sort of day I was going to have.  I CHOSE for it to be a good day , in spite of the rocky start , and it turned out to be pretty good !


7 Responses to “Over Slept ! Again !”

  1. syl said

    if anyone can skip a workout and it’s you Susan. Although I know how you feel, I’ve had to miss once in a while too and it completely stops you in your tracks.

    The important thing is you didn’t let it ruin your day. Tomorrow’s a new one!

    I always can count on dessert every day too. I come here after dinner to read your updates and get my fill 🙂

  2. Janet said

    Your entire menu from today looks amazing! PB and Banana is an altime fave of mine, and the quesadilla looks divine. I won’t even start on the pumpkin whoopie pie…

    And AMEN to not letting one small blip lead to throwing the whole day out the window!!

  3. im always in awe of your dedication to working out, 6-7 times a week. wow.

    i second syl though, if anyone can miss a workout, it would be you!

  4. Missy said

    I hate starting the day feeling like I’m late already. That’s no fun! But good for you recognizing it for what it is and moving on. It surely doesn’t mean the rest of the day is a wash! Tomorrow you’ll work-out in the morning and you’ll be right back into your routine!

  5. Melissa said

    Good for you not letting one setback control your whole day.
    The dessert looks AMAZING!!
    I’m crossing my fingers for no more oversleeping!

  6. Tiffany said

    Yep, I agree that dessert looks DELICIOUS!!!!

    As for the missed workout – perhaps you can double up one day this week or do a workout on your one day off from exercise?

    On the bright side, you got a little more rest last night. That can’t be a bad thing.

  7. Janet said

    Hey Susan… A croque monsieur is when you make a ham and swiss sandwich, then soak it in egg/milk and fry it. I lighten mine by using light cheese, lean ham, and mustard. And dipping in egg white/skim milk and frying with cooking spray… it’s yummy!

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