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Fabulous Friday ….. Sort Of

Posted by Susan on October 17, 2009

My favorite day of the week . I almost made it through the entire day without incident. Right up until the last 10 min. when I got some news that frosted my cookies ! Oh well ! It’s over now and the weekend is officially under way !

When I got home I got to work. I did a few loads of laundry , and cleaned my house . I want to have an easy day tomorrow so I figured , get the basics done tonight and I can tackle some other things tomorrow.

I am really hungry tonight ! It is one of those nights when I feel like I just can’t get enough to eat ! I hate that !

This morning I got up and did my body weight circuit training and 20 min. HIIT on the treadmill.


Breakfast this morning was a banana and peanut butter sandwich .



Then I made some green tea , packed up my snacks and lunches for the day , and off I went !


Snacks today were an apple ( I think you’ve seen enough apple pics for one week ) and a Special K Cereal Bar.


Lunch … the usual !


After cleaning the house , I had a green salad …………



……… and a 4 oz. chicken breast over mini-ravioli with Olivio, and FF Parm Cheese.


Dessert was DC cake with Dark Chocolate Dreams PB, shredded coconut , and chocolate chips .

My Friday night is going to consist of a hot shower, warm pajamas , hot cocoa (sugar free), and the DVR !!!! My favorite way to spend a Friday night ! I hope everyone has a great one too !


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